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  1. Same here... I installed the new version and my app is not working. The only thing I can see is a blank nothing.

    The new command is different too and it requires a few...
  2. Maybe because you are using the sencha 3.x and building a native app. I am using the Sencha 2.x command and building a web app.

    I am going to try the Sencha command 3.x....

  3. The perfect thing would be if Sencha minifies and concatenates all the js files in one big file. In theory it should do it but it doesn't. However, it does a nice job minifying/concatenating all the...
  4. Hi guys,

    I added the js files in the app.json file and it works in development mode. After I created the production mode using the sencha command it doesn't work. The files are not loaded. Is this...
  5. Any idea is welcome.
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