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  1. Wow that project size is awesome. Sorry about the lag. Would you be willing to privately share your project w/ the team so we can do some testing? FWIW saving the entire project is something of a...
  2. Yeah this happens at the command line as well. It's Cmd's way of telling you to upgrade your project.
  3. disable and then reenable will get your further. Repost after that.
  4. Thanks for keeping us honest. I'll check w/ that team now.
  5. To fix this please go to the project settings > framework, disable build tools and then save, enable build tools then save. This should bring you up to speed. Not sure how your project got out of...
  6. Yeah this has not been fixed yet. Still a bug in the wild. See workaround above.

    Suggest moving to phonegap.
  8. Yeah that is one use case but the other is exactly as you describe here. Completely separate apps that share the same framework library and potentially some core code.
  9. I'm going to revert this change so we strictly use bin/sh as users shell which will put it back to 3.0.2 functionality.

    Not sure when we can patch this so standby for that.
  10. I've narrowed this down to a change that happened in 3.0.3 where we started launching the user's shell differently and loading up profiles to gain access to your $PATH variable. This seemed like a...
  11. I would instead recommend using a proper workspace. See
  12. Did you try removing the ulimit lines from your bash_profile? Try commenting them out maybe?
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    Ok good, yes production should remove framework you're not using which is why app.js is 827kb vs 3.9mb.
  14. I think it's complaining about your ulimit lines
    ulimit -Hn 65536
    ulimit -Sn 65536

    not sure if the syntax is incorrect or what but this profile is getting run when you the shell starts so...
  15. likely a model or store.
  16. Yes it could be in an attached component.
  17. Perhaps you could privately share that particular view? Right click the view in question and choose to Export to file.

    send it to ( at sencha dot com).
  18. Looks like a framework error. Are you sure you're not seeing any errors in the browser console?

    Typically this is as a result of a misconfigured view. Can you share the code view of that?
  19. The latest patch now displays output when you fail the dependency checks. This should help us resolve issues both in Architect and on client machines.
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    With SA2 and build settings disabled you were actually downloading all of those resources and the framework itself from the cdn (external resource). This is not desired outside of dev environment.
  21. It's a bug affecting iOS simulate from Architect and Cmd's CLI. Victor our engineer working on Cmd posed the workaround to install 5.0 when you want to simulate but clearly you'll need 5.1 to build....
  22. Does this issue happen when you build or only when you simulate?

    From what I'm getting, I don't see this being fixed this week. We are releasing a patch to Cmd that covers 1 of the issues re:...
  23. For windows users cdt did some sleuthing for me w/ a debug build and we've come to some conclusions:

    But if I run in SDP, I get:
    Windows put a link to java in the C:\Windows\System32 directory...
  24. Yes agreed this is a mess.

    While I believe this will be resolved at some point I personally would be using the phonegap route.
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    I've moved this thread to Cmd room as I don't know the answer to this question.
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