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    I'm trying to implement a full preloader for my application. I mean, I want the preloader mask to stay there until the whole User Interface has been loaded, not only the ext-js libraries but...
  2. Hi all,

    I'm making use of the fantastic Search Plugin by Saki. Until now I have been adding it as follows to the bottom pager of my Grid, within the initComponent function, so the search box...
  3. Hi, thanks everyone for your prompt help. I actually did like this, I guess it's more or less the same:

    handler = function(btn) { new popupForm().show(); }

  4. Thank you very much, I see...

    So where should I create this object? Basically what I want is for this popup form to appear floating when I click a button in the main interface. Where and how...
  5. Hi,

    I got a component (a pop up form) defined inside a script called 'popupForm.js'. I register this component in Ext as follows

    popupForm = Ext.extend(popupFormUi, { initComponent:...
  6. Actually if you just use a different extension for your .gz files, it will work with Safari, so you don't need to use the Browser.php script. I use '.gzip' and it's working ok. Just set up the...
  7. Hi,

    It's me again. I just found a solution to this. Instead of putting the 'store.reload' within the 'rowslect' event, I've just put it under the 'rowdeselect' event, and now it's working as I...
  8. Dear all,

    I got a GridPanel with a RowSelectionmodel. When I select a row, the data related to this row is displayed on a Form, so the user can change its values. So far no problem with this, but...
  9. Hi, thanks alot! It's working now ;)
  10. Hi all,

    I know that this sounds very simple, but I have not managed to make it work. Basically I got a simple Ext Js login form. The form submit to my login.php, which performs a database check...
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    I am trying to integrate the excellent Ext.ux.grid.Search Plugin by Saki but I don't know exactly how to proceed. My grid is defined as a JSON array inside a big 'homeContainerUi' class, and I...
  12. Hi,

    I'm playing with the excellent Ext.ux.grid.Search Plugin by Saki and I would like to know about the best way of integrating it into a GUI built with Ext Direct. The tools is generating a set...
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