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  1. Yeah that's the strange thing... Running the code in a normal web browser works fine. But with PhoneGap i get the blank screen caused by the LoadMask overlay BUT ONLY i if i trigger the action event...
  2. Since you have remoteFilter active you need to filter your json elements on the server side and only return the ones matching the supplied filter. On the client side, Sencha Touch won't perform any...
  3. Hello everyone,

    after Upgrading to iOS 5, i encountered a really strange behavior in Sencha Touch. I don't know whether it's related to Sencha Touch or PhoneGap so i did not post it as a bug.
  4. Hey Allan,

    i assume you are using remoteFilter: true so when you call clearFilter() it will simply clear the existing filters but it will not trigger a reload of your store. The records in your...
  5. Encountered the same problem today but there is a simple solution.

    Instead of adding a filter for each property with the filter() function, create an array that contains your filters and add this...
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