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  1. My bad, it looks like I did some bobo copying. Sorry for wasting your time and thanks for the response.
  2. This for sure applies to the sencha-core/src/mixin/Responsive.js as well. I am going to run beyond compare on all of the src folders to see.

    Looks like Ext.Configurator is out of sync.
  3. I am currently running the extjs 5 nightly build from 7/29, but this issue goes all the way back to release of 5.0. If you generate an app and use the responsive plugin with forumlas, the app throws...
  4. I was posting the bootstrap to show that the order was correct. However, it is related to this problem
  5. Any ideas on why the boostrap.js would load app.js before Application.js?

    I see this in bootstrap.json

    // this is before "path":"app/Application.js",
  6. Thanks for the response. I am doing somthing similiar, but shouldn't we able abel to setup something like:

    '[name=myfield]': {
    trigger: function() {
  7. Real men do things as complicated as possible... ha! just kidding

    Thanks for the response Mitchell. I did some searching in forums and didn't find anything on it. In the mean time, I did some...
  8. The floatingItems collection is not cleared from an owning container when a window / floating component is closed and destroyed.


  9. With the trigger changes in Extjs 5, how do you attach the trigger / click event through the controller for a trigger?
  10. I am going to be honest, it is kind of silly to have to hack it to make it work. We should be able to set a basePath and that is it. For large projects, it doesn't really make sense to have us...
  11. Nice, I like your description about the issue in that post.
  12. I have the same problem. The app loads before Ext.application. For some reason the loader does not like it when you use a next directory. I went in to the bootstrap.js load function and force...
  13. I figured out why. I copied out the /path/to/sencha/ into another folder. I should have just copied /path/to/sencha/.
  14. Sencha Cmd
    Extjs 4.2.2

    Whenever I access sencha cmd through ant or by directly calling /path/to/sencha/sencha.exe using app build, a repo folder is being created. However, if I have...
  15. What about running it through the / file?
  16. I am just wondering what you guys did to generate the different extjs files. Did you use multiple properties files or is there a configuration I can use?

    Example of built files:
  17. Though my case is a little different, I am having the exact error dealing with images. Here is the JS Fiddle for this guys code. If you open you console, you will see a setStyle error. I get this...
  18. Is it possible to prevent sencha command from writting out the css link in html header?

    This is in index.html:

    <!-- <x-compile> -->
    <!-- <x-bootstrap> -->
  19. Thanks for the discussion. I do appreciate it. I don't mind the entire app being parsed. I just don't understand why it will take the entire contents of app A and put it into the all-classes of...
  20. 1.) I am dealing with an extremely large app.
    2.) If sencha CMD parses the entire requires tree, but I only tell it to look at a certain set of files isn't that incorrect functionality?

    If I am...
  21. This is kind of how my classpath looks (obviously this is for sample purposes)

  22. Yeah, you are right. It was a moment of insanity and silliness on my part. The problem is I have app B that has shared (some not all) files from app A.

    App B has requires for a classes from app...
  23. Is there a property I can set or a way I can tell the compiler to only look at what files are listed in the requires array of a class? The problem is I have a utility class that has...
  24. Thanks for the response. I wrote my own grid save because we didn't have the time to rewrite our middle tier. I'll add this to my internal documentation.
  25. Haven't heard anything else from sencha. However, I did find this post:

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