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  1. Hi Mitchell,

    Actually I think I cracked it with your 'setActiveItem' suggestion, I have been able to hook that up to the tap event and so I can navigate like that.

    Many thanks for your help,
  2. Hi Mitchell, thank you very much for your response. Would it be possible to preserve the 'if ( == 'A') {//navigate}' idea alongside the correct Ext.Extend method in order to navigate on tap to...
  3. Hi everyone,

    I am quite new to Sencha Touch and I've been working from this great example to create a custom dashboard:
  4. Replies
    Hi everyone, I have been developing with Sencha Touch for about 3 weeks and I have not yet been able to find a way to play video on Android with Sencha Touch - the closest to a solution seems to be...
  5. OK thank you for your response mitchellsimoens, this is very understandable. However around the internet I have noticed certain snippets and workarounds on various forums that suggest it is possible...
  6. Hi everyone,

    I have been developing with Sencha Touch for about three weeks now and so far I have found it to be superb and much more robust than JQuery Mobile.

    However, I have run into a...
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