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  1. Hi.

    I have problem with placing Ext.window inside Ext.panel. Window is not placed in center of panel, even when called center() method. When I maximize it, there is offset on the left side. Here...
  2. I've managed to solve this problem. I had to call tip.destroy() instead of tip.hide() in blur event.

    I know it is only a workaround and quite ugly, but nothing else works for me.

    Best regards...
  3. Hi!

    I'm using FieldTip plugin to show tips while editing form fields:

    FieldTip = function(txt) {
    return {
    init: function(field){
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    I'm using function from this forum to make enter act as tab key:

    new Ext.KeyMap(document, {
    key: Ext.EventObject.ENTER,
    fn: function(k,e){
    var l, i, f, j, o =;...
  5. Heh, it works :D thank you
  6. But I do want combo B to be filtered :) I want it filtered always, not from second expanding. And both stores are local, not remote so AFAIK lastQuery doesn't affect it.
  7. Hi!

    I have EditorGrid with two comboboxes. Combo's B list of values is depending on value selected in Combo A. Everything works fine except, that on first attempt to select value from Combo B i...
  8. And me :)
  9. Hi!

    I have noticed strange behaviour when adding empty record to grid. My grid definition is as follows:

    this.Grid = new Ext.grid.EditorGridPanel(
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    It started to work after I added JSON:

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    I have problem displaying window contents downloaded from ajax.

    In windows listeners section I have:

    render: function()
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