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  1. That would be a metric ton of work dude. :(
  2. I looked at the bootstrap app and noticed that Application.js and app.js both have a name attribute. Being that app.js seems like an impl of Application.js' class, one would think that the name...
  3. +1
  4. During a meetup yesterday, the question was asked "why privates? Why not finals?" He has a good point.
  5. OK.
  6. Indeed. My main question still stands ;)
  7. Jsript (lowest common denominator) has no privates truly. Have you read the guides?
  8. Should the following use case cause an exception? (it doesn't today)

    Ext.define('Test.view.Panel1', {
    extend : 'Ext.Panel',

    xtype : 'somepanel',
  9. No. It clearly states in the blog that Ext JS is targeted for touch tablet devices.
  10. How far down the rabbit hole do we go w/ the class/config system for Ext 5? Turns out that having layout : {} out side of config : {} causes an exception:
  11. Does anyone know if the JS Duck changes were committed to accommodate the structural changes of the ExtJS packaging?
  12. Awesome :)
  13. Those are terms that you can learn about from Object Oriented principles (lots of resources online) and the sencha guides.
  14. Simple answer: it's the design pattern that was chosen. Why? Partly because there is no JavaScript preprocessor in the browsers. So... it can't be included automatically. The automatic piece comes...
  15. You could create abstract controllers or setup mixins for controllers. Your choice.
  16. have you tried fieldInstance.focus()?
  17. Setup a custom component that extends whatever class you're trying to implement.

    This is all very well documented in the guides, etc.
  18. It's so they are included (demanded from the web server) when the app loads in dev and so it's built properly during the build phase.

    You're basically documenting the application structure via...
  19. You could set them up as "mixins". One function per file seems very messy. (:|
  20. Call me crazy, but isn't that exactly how this stuff works in the browser? This is a core CSS issue more than a touch one.

    Have you tried setting opacity to 1 on the image?
  21. fullscreen setup on a view automatically adds a view to the Container known as the "Viewport", making it full screen.
  22. Navigation view is not data-driven like NestedList is.
  23. Replies
    Try this:
  24. Nice!!!!
  25. Yes, you'll get the best of both worlds. The only caveat is that individual pages may be large requests. These things take more server, db and network resources to accomplish. Also, the client will...
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