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    Great, makes sense, thank you!
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    I fail to see where the "symbiosis" between the view and the controller is declared, in the example Mitchell shown in his blog post. I mean, I see that the view requires the controller, but that...
  3. It's a pity that even such simple things get not fixed properly, 1 year and half and several releases of the software after the problem was reported.

    Anyway, my simple solution is to implement a...
  4. I tried to backport the 2.3.0b1 fix on 2.2.1, but it introduced
    nasty side effects in my application. I even tried to upgrade my
    app to 2.3.0b1, with the very same results: the "File" field...
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    Leonardo, any chance of putting a version of the plugin on some public versionated site, such as github or bitbucket, where contributions like Holger's, and in general simple fixes, would be simpler...
  6. I'm getting an exception "Object has no method getEditor", at line 313 of CellEditing.js, when trying to edit a cell of a column that was hidden at grid construction time.

    I see that in the latest...
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    This worked great for me.
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    That's probably the same problem reported in the message #134 in this thread (look at the previous page): you probably need to tweak a few lines in the source where there is a call to the function...
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    Trying out this great plugin with the recently released, there is compatibility issue: in a few places it calls
    me.grid.headerCt.getGridColumns(true), where in previous versions of ExtJS...
  10. Casually browsing form/Basic.js source in ExtJS 4.2.0 beta2 I saw the following code in the getValues() method:

    if (isArray(val)) {
    values[name] = values[name] = bucket.concat(val);
  11. With ExtJS, trying to open any window in the ExtTop example raises an error about “win.dd is undefined”. It worked well under previous beta version.

    Effectively the “createWindow()”...
  12. While browsing differences between 4.1.1a and 4.2.0beta I noticed a typo in the method “onWindowBtnClick” of the class TaskBar:

    win.on('hide', function() {
  13. Accordingly with ExtJS 4.1.3 documentation the “forid” attribute should not be added if not specified.

    I added a standalone Label, not correlated to a field, in a Panel and I noticed a strange...
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