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  1. Is there a repository URL that I can install the plugin on Eclipse? I want to evaluate how it works with Sencha Touch 2.x?
  2. The doc needs to be updated. Bad experience for first timer.

    Touch 2.1 Docs>Writing Applications>Using Sencha Cmd for Sencha Touch>Creating a New Application.
  3. From the source, I noticed there exist two events when the row body is expanded or collapsed. They are "expandbody" and "collapsebody".

    I try to listen to these two events in my Grid but I don't...
  4. I tried the 'hbox' layout but looked like it doesn't do anything. So the struggle continues.

    And I also notice there is no option to make a hover menu. That is, I want to see a drop down menu...
  5. Newbie here. This framework has a nice toolbar widget to build menus but unfortunately I can't seem to find a way to build a menu with a horizontal second tier. I am looking to build something like...
  6. Very true. I can build the workspace without step 1.

    The backend will be done in Java eventually but PHP will be used for evaluation initially.
  7. Thanks, by disabling the javascript validators, my eclipse drops back from constant 20-30%CPU usage back to normal 1-2% idle cycle and it becomes usable.

    So in order to use Eclipse with ExtJs, one...
  8. Thanks. It solves the initial workspace issue by skipping it but Eclipse remains very sluggish and causes a bus exception when I try to open up a file. My Eclipse is stable for any other projects...
  9. I have trouble to create a ExtJS project with Eclipse (Helios) on OS-X. I have no issue with any other PHP/Javascript projects. Eclipse will simply stuck in "Building workspace", suck up most of...
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