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  1. Only solution so far is to use IE or FireFox. Or use Chrome with a small window as I do for development as I prefer Chrome.

    I do know that when all disappears you can make the window smaller and...
  2. OK, now I get it. READ THE DOCS!


    phpMode: true

    and it works for php.
  3. Help! I've tried everything and cannot catch the "serialize" event for the grid filters.

    I'm using Architect and cannot figure out what to put into the "controlQuery" field to catch the event.
  4. Gary,

    I've changed to "encode: true" and that does work.

    I've googled a bit more. The 1st answer in this link agrees with what I've noticed.
  5. After more study, I determined that you are partly right. The query string could look like that but it seems to be missing a set of square brackets after the variable name to indicate it is an...
  6. I'm not sure where in the code the problem is but I can demonstrate it with your examples.

    At this link the example works correctly:
  7. Hi Don,

    Here is what is in the bootstrap.css file after "sencha app build testing" is run

    * This file is generated by Sencha Cmd and should NOT be edited. It redirects
    * to the most...
  8. Don,

    Yes, I figured out the need for
    sencha app build testing through experimenting.

    Thanks for the information on the method to rebuild sass and
    sencha app watch I'll experiment a bit with...
  9. That is what I suspected.

    Thanks Mitchell,

  10. Hey Mitchell,

    Are we doing this correctly?

    It appears that all icons are added to the css and not just the ones used in the particular application. I expected only the ones used in an...
  11. I finally had time to play with this a bit and think your problem is that the

    .icon { background-image:url(images/16x16/icon.png) !important; }

    should be

    .icon {...
  12. I'm just considering trying the same thing and found your question. Did you figure out the problem?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Did anyone figure out how to use larger icons for the tools?

    I've been playing around with it a bit but have not come up with a satisfactory solution.

    I'm still using Extjs 4.

  14. it was not only the

    sencha app refresh

    First I had to remove the .sencha_backup directory. This is the key part.

  15. Solution is to delete the .sencha_backup directory and run

    sencha app refresh

    I don't know what the .sencha_backup is for or why bootstrap.js always points there if it exists but it cost me...
  16. I just upgraded Cmd and cannot change my app!

    bootstrap.js has all files loading from .sencha_backup !!!!

    I deleted bootstrap.js and ran

    sencha app refresh
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    I did an update to Cmd and now Architect overwrites app.js with a generic "MyApp" app.js and changes all my components to ""

    What happened?????

  18. I upgraded Cmd and ran

    sencha app upgrade --noframework

    Now I'm having problems because I added the ".sencha_backup" to my .gitingnore

    When I run
  19. Yes, I think that a separate window might work but I've not yet figured out how to make it work.

    I am trying to get what looks like a "south" panel to be separate from the border layout and rise...
  20. Hi All,<br>
    I would like to create a panel which would rise up from the bottom of a panel with out re-sizing that panel or causing layout changes in it. This would look similar to the Action...
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    My mistake! Architect overwrote my changes to index.html during my test. I've got to figure out how that works.....

    Sorry for the noise...

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    This workaround does not appear to work for me. Has this been fixed? Does anyone else have a workaround?

  23. It appears that this problem is not fixed. Can anyone confirm that fact?

  24. I wish it worked for me! But it doesn't. :((

  25. Here is more information. I deleted everything except the main viewport and one container which contains a toolbar at the top and the map component.

    I can turn on layers in the map until...
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