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    Download the extjs 4.2.2 full documentation:

    and extjs 4.2.2 sources are in: extjs-docs-4.2.2\extjs-build

    You owe me a beer :)
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    Hi all,

    I've just released the beta version 3.1.0 of Webdbadmin. The final version will be released soon.

    Direct download link:
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    Hi everyone,

    Fully refactored, more features, faster Webdbadmin was released:

    You can download the free version here:

  4. For me it was not clear how the store is binded to the loadmask...

    So here is the solution that works:

    me.on('afterrender', function() {
    var mask = new...
  5. My solution:

    Ext.onReady(function() {
    //ext4 adds a custom classname to the body - remove it!
    document.body.className = '';
  6. Hi,

    I want to point the loadmask of the gridpanel over an element in the toolbar, but haven't figured out how to do it.

    This code is showing the loadmask where I need:

  7. Any update on this one?

    I agree with the previous post: what does a JS library has to write something in the BODY of the page!?
    By default this kind of functionality should be disabled and...
  8. This solution works(at least for my cases)

    getRule: function(selector, refreshCache, rawCache) {
    var rules = this.getRules(refreshCache),

  9. Would be good to know. At least to plan.

    @sencha: can you post the roadmap somewhere? Do you have one?
  10. getRule: function(selector, refreshCache, rawCache) { var i;

    if (refreshCache) {
    if (!Ext.isArray(selector))...
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    I haven't planned it yet, as I want the tool to get a bit more mature.

    I had just a few requests for mssql support until now, I don't know if such a tool is really required for mssql. As I don't...
  12. Hi Mitchell,
    From where could I download the 4.2.0?

  13. Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1.1
    Browser versions tested against:


    In case of "MULTI" selectiontype the selectionchange event is triggered even when it's not needed. In...
  14. And for those who payed the license isn't available for download?

    I don't have the subscription.
    I find it annoying that this is treated the same as the "gpl" version.
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    Dear all,

    Webdbadmin reached the version 2.0.0 milestone. With it, it goes open-source and it's little brother, Webdbadmin Lite will be free of charge.

    Webdbadmin Lite is a simplified free...
  16. YES! This is it. Thanks a lot!
  17. No, that is not really what I want cause the selected not gets deselected.

    I would like with right click not to be able to select a node, I've tried to reject all some of click events but haven't...
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    If you consider inappropriate in Q/A, please move the thread to discussions or so.
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    For debugging purposes with extjs4 I use the following to capture all events.
    This might be helpful for some people, though it's a good "console flooding" method :)

    It fulfills my...
  20. Hi,

    On right click the node in the treepanel is automatically selected.
    Is there a way/workaround to disable this behavior?

  21. Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1.1 GA
    Browser versions tested against:

    Firefox, latest
    DOCTYPE tested against:

  22. triggerAction: 'all'is the answer. I had some overwriting of the combobox prototype which was causing my issues.
  23. Sorry for wasting your time.

    With the migration from ext3 to ext4 and the problems I had with 4.0.x I had some overwriting for the combobox which was causing this issue.

    Please close/delete...
  24. I was able to reproduce this only in Firefox on my PC. I will check it on another computer and get back on this.
  25. Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1.1 GA

    Browser versions tested against:

    Firefox, latest
    Chrome latest

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