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    is there any way to get the fullscreen mode on ios8?

    I'm just testing the same code tested on ios7 with minimal-ui but as I read the ios8 doesn't support minimal-ui parameter.

  2. Sure, here is the fiddle:

    I tried to write the most similar code as mine.

    I think the bug reason is connected to the treepanel rendered inside the...
  3. PS: I see that bufferedRenderer = false solves even a bug with treepanel drag&drop. (treeviewdragdrop) which is broken after some d&d action between folder and leaf records. (I will try to open a new...
  4. Hello, I found a problem with Table/TreePanel scrolling and bufferedRenderer.
    Extjs version: nightly build - 20141113
    Browser: Chrome / Webkit
    OS: MacOS 10.8.5

    How to reproduce:
    • Create a...
  5. Anyone in sencha tested it? please, could you confirm this is a bug?
    Thank you
  6. How to reproduce:
    • Put a grid inside a window and load many records to let you see the scrollbars.
    • Scroll for a while (up-down / right-left), after some scrolling the scrollbars will disappear
  7. Hello, here is the fiddle to reproduce this bug:
  8. As described in the title, there is a bug using a particular combination of features.

    The problem:
    using 2 or more associated grids (by bind, parentGrid.selection.childItems) with checkboxmodel...
  9. @Gary Schlosberg
    Are you sure it works? Just tested this with latest nightly build and I see the same bug.

    Thank you
  10. Hello,
    I still see this problem with last nightly build (5.0.2-1472 20141016).
    At the moment I can't create a fiddle as I should split a lot of code to reproduce it but I try to explain you:

  11. As I saw, the Layer class has been drastically changed and you forgot to delete the call to "hideUnders" from StatusProxy repair method.

    Temporary workaround:

    load this code before to launch...
  12. ExtjsVersion : ext- (2014-10-16)
    Test case: Just open this example: (NB: the online version works - you should...
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    Trying to select a value from a timefield nothing happens.
    Testing with nightly build (2014-09-28) as described here:
  14. Hello Gary,
    here you can test it..

    As I can see the problem is even with local query
    So the solution would be to delete the check on forceSelection

  15. I've found the problem in the getValue method.

    Line #1823 of form/field/ComboBox.js (getValue)

    // If the raw input value gets out of sync in a multiple ComboBox, then we have to...
  16. Extjs: ext- (nightly)

    I found an issue with combobox using (remote and local) query/store and forceSelection = true;

    When you try to type inside to retrieve remote data, the store...
  17. Hello,
    I just found a problem if I use a combobox with remote store and pageSize (with paging toolbar).

    If you try to type something to let the server filter the query the picker will be...
  18. Ext version tested:

    Ext ext-5.0.3-20140925 nightly build
    Browser versions tested against:

    DOCTYPE tested against:

  19. I found a simple way to fix it. Just attach this listener to your grid

    ...your grid

    listeners: {
    deselect: {
    fn: function(sm, record) {
  20. Ext version tested:

    Ext 5.0.1
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 36.0.1985.125
    DOCTYPE tested against:

  21. Nobody interested in that?
  22. up
  23. Hello,
    I'd like to know if there is any way to build with sencha cmd assigning dynamic scss params by command line.

    sencha app build -themeargs base-color:white my-params:2px ...

  24. I think you should override the x-panel class with your transparent background or just use both bodyStyle and style because style works on parent node of body (x-panel).

    Do you need this?...
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    Hello, any update with sencha touch and the new iOS7.1 in fullscreen mode?
    It should get the "minimal-ui" param, shouldn't?

    Just tested the kitchen sink of latest sencha touch but it not works...
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