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  1. and another question, how would I access parent record from a child one ?

    if I try childRecord.getParent() this triggers loading parent record form the server, which I don't want as it's there,...
  2. and if the data is not sent together with parent records (performance reasons and so on), accessing them like this will trigger the auto load of the filtered child records using it's proxy ?
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    Something similar is annoying me as well.

    - OSX 10.10.2 (Yosemite latest)
    - Firefox 35.0.1 (latest for the moment)
    - Firebug 2.0.8 (but it seems that doesn't matter if installed)

    I'm using...
  4. Hi ka-reon,

    Seems interesting, but haven't figured it out how / would you use it ...
    Can you enlighten me on my example / fiddle ?

    Couldn't figure it our myself :(
    At least for my scenario:...
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    As I see in his post complaining about grid row editor in the same time, I assume that he was talking about a tinyint / boolean conversion needed for a persistent field (received from / sent to the...
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    I have a feeling that this is the main and only reason they did this.

    Just in order to avoid people buying ONE developer licence and use it in "hubs of brains", was simple enough to cancel 1x...
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    I really hope that when Sencha staff will try to buy something nice, new fancy, luxury super car for instance that they desire, the salesman will tell them that they sell only in batch of 5 :))
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    Hi Ifs2008,

    Sorry that I postponed the upload of the modified file (with all my previous bugs / ideas / proposals), but I did want to resolve the last (found) bug, the last you mentioned in your...
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    Enterprise is God now !
    They can, they pay, they rule !

    Of course that only they were getting benefits of our bug reports (and/or solutions), and not (majority of) us....

    I really hope they...
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    I've found another bug, that I will try later to find a solution for and I will post the solution then (including with JS file with all changes above + this one).

    Try this on your demo page:

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    Another two things:

    - I also had a situation when I needed to retrieve individual nodes when rootNode was clicked (instead of ALL_ID value). For this i had a quick fix by adding a new...
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    I also needed a way to clear thirdState of entire tree after removing (previously selected) nodes (in successfull delete sync event of the proxy).

    clearThirdState: function(){
    var me =...
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    I have a situation when I might set returnLeafsOnly to some default, but sometimes on the same tree I'd like to be able to getSelections using some other option than the one set by default with the...
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    Put me on the list too ...

    Being a freelancer / one man show who started a small business out of a hobby: quality web development !

    Why do I have to pay for 5 devs if I'm coding alone in the...
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    I personally haven't received any official answer yet and don't understand why suddenly the single developer option (freelancer / one man show business) was removed from the store !

    Very small...
  16. nope :(

    just used renderer function like I've stated for the moment, to get the name from the store based on the ID in grid's data.

    I had multiple issues in understanding / using data bind, and...
  17. In a ViewController, on a context menu I try to lookup menuItem by reference.

    Using menu.lookupReference('menuItemRef') returns null.
    Using component query like...
  18. It seems that on disabled menu items there's no .x-item-disabled class (setting default cursor).

    Only on direct toolbar items it's working, but then again, on toolbar submenus it's missing as...
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    After updating my iPad to iOS 8.0.2 I saw that the initial size of the viewport (both: width & height) are not 100%.

    There's a space gap on the right and at the bottom.

    I did notice too that...
  20. In the fiddle bellow, even the selection model of the grid (mode:'SINGLE') the config allowDeselect:false is not taken into account.

    selModel:Ext.create('Ext.selection.RowModel', {
  21. The issue is indeed that event.getXY() is calculated as absolute position of the viewport and component.showAt() is relative to target component.

    In a border layout, where I have a grid in...
  22. I've read in the API that store is for remote list filter, and options for local data, but I've used local array for store definition just for readability of the fiddle example.

    What about of the...
  23. Thanks Greg,

    Nice (working) solution for form case.
    But as stated, my first BUMP on this is two grids (parent - child records).

    There I cannot do anything (as I've tried):

    - if I specify...
  24. nothing on this one ?

    I will stick with custom renderer config option until then...
  25. nothing on this one ?

    if I use selectionchange event on the grid and check if nothing is selected how can I empty child grid with it's filtered data ?

    If I do childStore.removeAll() while using...
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