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  1. While trying to understand the problem, I have replaced the production version of "ext.js" with the development one, and the error message has more info now, but it does not help me to understand...
  2. Sorry, I've been ill and away from work for these days.. now I am continuing with the task.

    Alright, I have almost succeeded with all of it. I am creating the window and receiving AJAX object from...
  3. Very good! This code helps me to do what I need. For now I have been able to adapt it to my case and everything works. I did not implement the actual form generation inside the window yet, I think,...
  4. I have the values in an array.


    {..., scoring: [{points:2, interval: [[0, 0],[5, 30]]}, {points:10, interval: [[5,30],[15,45]]},... ], ...}

    the "scoring" is the array of objects. So I...
  5. I have a grid which displays records. A record represents an object that has an attribute which is a list of strings. In the record, I want only the number of these strings (the list's length) to be...
  6. Well, finally I have dismissed using ArrayStore and simply created a Store with a proxy which handles the incoming and outcoming data with AJAX. I think that this is a better approach than I was...
  7. Does not anyone know anything about this here?
  8. I have a Grid that is linked to an ArrayStore, both are in the page script. The ArrayStore is filled with data during page generation. The Grid is enabled to edit fields, one at a time. After the...
  9. Thank you so much! That worked!!!
  10. I have the following code on my page. The grid is displayed ok with the names of the columns, but the data is missing. The real records amount is truncated not to waste the space on this forum:

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    Wow, that worked! Have no idea, why it is going https though - I've just followed the link from the ExtJS website... And as for the local copy - true, I have tried starting it from the file system.....
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    Well, I get 404 on link "" and the only browser console error is "Failed to load resource ", the browser is Chrome.

    As for the downloaded documentation, there...
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    I would like to read the API docs, however, when I try to access the documentation on the website, a :Page Not Found error occurs. When I try to launch the index file of the documentaion from the...
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