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  1. I think this override should be also posted at this sticky thread.
  2. Thanks! It works!
  3. OK, Nice to know that it's fixed!

  4. What Ext Js version did you run this test case? I mean 5.1.0
  5. I have just updated the fiddle with memory proxy, now you can update data and try sync, then will see dirty flag still appears.
  6. Ok, Thanks for attetion. Here it is!
  7. Ext version tested:
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 39 64bits

    Windows 8.1 64bits
  8. This bug is still present in Ext JS 5.1.47.

    Any workaround?
  9. Can't fire selectionchange event when unselect row using Ext JS 5.1.47 beta
  10. Ext JS CheckboxModel selectionchange doesn't fire when user unselect row, look at the console.log and no log will write. Fires just on select action!

    This fiddle show the issue. Please try using...
  11. This is still an issue with 5.1.0 The above fiddle shows the issue clearly - can this be raised as a bug please?
  12. This bug is in ExtJS 5.1.0 yet. Is there a bug open?
  13. Now store is loading twice when stateful grid store defined as remoteSort: true.
    Is it a 5.1.0 bug? maybe this bug came back again since Ext JS 4.x

    take a look...
  14. This behavior came back in Ext JS 5.1.0. stateful grid with remote sort is autoLoading store when the is the store is defined as autoLoad: false
  15. Thanks very much. It works as a charm.
  16. Thanks for your support! The only thing I did was this overriide. How can remove sorters from state? Could you example us this way, I will test it.

  17. is this a bug? Ext JS 5.0 5.0.1 and 5.1.0 has this same behavior. I want to remove store state, How? I had made this override but didn't solve the problem.

  18. Oh yeah! really works. I did not pay attention in your post.

    sharing the override!

    Ext.define("AppOverrides.view.NavigationModel", {
    override: "Ext.view.NavigationModel",
  19. ok, I understand!
  20. Could someone share override/workaround for this? ExtJs still has this issue! in combo and tagfield
  21. This problem is still in Ext . Could you provide some override or workaround? Thanks!
  22. I have tested this in ExtJs and keep not working. Any override or workaround please? Thanks!

    Can't select/click filtered items when only one item displayed!
  23. Oh yes! Thanks for attention. I mean 5.1.0 beta, Do we need to wait GA release to get Watermark removed ?
  24. Thanks for your attention, I guess my problem is youcompressor 2.4.7 issue, This problem happens only if I add jquery.min 2.1.1 as includedInBundle: true in app.json. If I add no compressed jquery.js...
  25. Sencha Cmd version(s) tested:

    Sencha Cmd
    Operating System:

    Windows 8.1 64bits
    Framework used:

    ExtJs beta
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