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  1. setValue calls:



    valueToRaw: function(value) {
    return '' + Ext.value(value, '');
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    I suspect you're hitting the root vs children problem. See:
  3. When the model is loaded from the server, store it somewhere that the renderer can get to it then refresh the grid row (refreshNode).

    Exactly how you store the models is up to you. You could add...
  4. What do you mean by edit? As in show an editor?!/api/Ext.grid.plugin.Editing-method-startEdit

    If by 'edit' you just mean change the value then see the...
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    If it isn't hitting the logging there must be an error thrown. Just enable 'Pause On Caught Exceptions' in the Chrome debugger (or the equivalent in the debugger of your choice) and see what the...
  6. The '-' is converted into an Ext.toolbar.Separator and can be queried just like any other component. See:!/api/Ext.toolbar.Toolbar

    You could do something...
  7. I believe the first part is purely historical. If you check the docs for 4.0.7 you'll find the default renderer is effectively implemented the same way but getData didn't exist. I think the end...
  8. Perhaps always render the HTML for both alternatives and just use CSS to show/hide the appropriate content?
  9. You'll have to post some code to get any help with this.
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    I believe the properties used for root and children must have the same name. I haven't verified this recently but that's how it 'worked' last time I checked.

    As I understand it this is because...
  11. I have no idea what you mean by this. The term 'invoked' is no clearer than 'called'. Grids cannot be 'invoked' - perhaps you mean one of 'created', 'rendered' or 'shown'?

    I'm trying to understand...
  12. Create the stores when you create the corresponding grids and only create the grids as required.

    Alternatively, don't set autoLoad to true on the stores and manually call load when the grid is...
  13. The question is quite open-ended as you haven't specified what you mean by 'default'.

    Greg's suggestion works fine if you're just concerned with direct calls to request but it won't affect...
  14. You could use the x-tbar-page-number class that's already added to the field.

    Or you could add a cls to the toolbar and then just use suitable CSS selectors to target the field relative to that...
  15. You need to add !important because the rule you're trying to override uses !important. No amount of tweaking the selector will change that, !important always wins.

    You should make sure that your...
  16. If the style you're trying to override has an !important flag then you will need one too. However, in general you should avoid using !important.

    I highly recommend ditching the id, that really...
  17. Perhaps I'm misinterpreting but this sentence caught my eye. It sounds like you believe the order of the CSS classes makes a difference. It doesn't.

    The priority of rules is determined by CSS...
  18. I've explained the template method approach here:
  19. Set the valueField and displayField and get rid of the getInnerTpl override.

    If it still doesn't work post a sample of your server's JSON, it might be your reader config.
  20. The apply method just copies properties from one object to another. Your child class sets items on this and then calls callParent, which will call the parent class's initComponent. That will change...
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    Surely you just need to move it to the privates block?
  22. disableKeyFilter is an option inherited from TextField for controlling the filtering of keystrokes, it has nothing to do with filtering a store.

    Store filtering is fundamental to how a combobox...
  23. A bit like this?


    Select a row then click the button to scroll the selected row to the middle.
  24. Works for me:


    Diagnosing the problem should be very easy. Inspect the DOM and check that the CSS class is being added. If it is, inspect the styles to see whether your rule is being applied...
  25. Let's clean up a bit first.

    You can reduce this:

    var Servidor = Ext.ModelManager.getModel('MyApp.model.Servidor');

    ...down to this:
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