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  1. I don't purport to be an expert (quite the opposite), but here's what I've done after a little trial and error, in the hope it might be useful to someone:

    1) Create an empty theme. Replace...
  2. One issue with the change above: it seems like this causes some downstream problems with end markers, since the markerStyle already contained in the series may not have an explicit type (if default...
  3. I see this has been marked as fixed. Thanks!

    I'm sure you looked into this yourselves, but in the screenshot below is where, I believe, seriesStyle is (/has been) being overwritten. The...
  4. I've encountered this issue using Ext.chart.series.Line as well. I've been able to use the setStyle method of the sprite parameter passed to a custom renderer as a workaround for this issue. I...
  5. After fiddling around with an override, I realized it's not quite so simple after all. So I imagine the better way to do it is just to designate anything that *might* be a branch as not-a-leaf, with...
  6. In ExtJS 3, I was able to designate a leaf as being capable of receiving drag-and-drop appending by setting allowDrop = true.

    This worked through the node's allowChildren property, which could be...
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