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  1. Hi,
    Ya in the 4.01 we have a Ext.Grid.Feature.GroupingSummary. In this ExpandAll() is also available. You can use this as below( to expand just the group you choose) or expandAll().

  2. Hi,
    You can use the collapsible:false configuration in the Feature configuration to prevent the collapse feature. If you still need the collapse feature in your grid you need to manually Expand...
  3. Hi
    Try using the viewConfig of the grid. This will be triggered when the grid reloads and you can add the row color to the particular records as given below:
    viewConfig: {
  4. Hi mitchellsimoens,
    I am using the 4.1 version of Ext Js and i tried this in IE9 as well as 8...
    As u said i think my view is getting refreshed. Pls tell me where i am going wrong.

  5. Hi,
    I have a tree with scrollbar and Drag and Drop plugin. When i try to click any of the nodes after scrolling to the bottom, the scroll bar resets back to the top and does not allow me to click...
  6. Albareto,
    I am trying to use this plugin for a locked grid and its throwing some CLONE method is undefined exception. So i added a clone method to this plugin but the columns that are not locked...
  7. Hi,
    My scenario requires the row expander to be present in few situations and not in others. I have tried both adding the plugin dynamically after grid load's and also tried to delete the...
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