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  1. All grids have ~5 columns, ~5-30 rows (in most cases just a few). In most cases there won't be more than 5 or so grids generated from a single AJAX request, but in some cases there could be up to a...
  2. reader isn't a public property. And I don't think totalProperty is one in DataReader. Try:


    (off the head, check the API to be sure)
  3. Tricky, because "Ext.util.Format.dateRenderer('m-d-Y')" is a string in PHP and JSON but a function call in ExtJS. Not even eval would help you here because eval would still be within a string instead...
  4. Disclaimer: use paging or livegrid when you have performance issues with large data sets! This thread is about discussing performance issues with multiple instances of smaller grids.

    The software...
  5. Unfortunately making some columns unmovable is not enough, you also have to make sure that the other columns which are movable cannot be moved in a manner where the unmovables ones move after all.
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