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  1. Well, it seems it was an unpredictable load problem. I don't know why but in my store object model has been defined as an ImplicitModel instead of model I specified in store definition.
    I add the...
  2. Damn it! Any ideas why?

    By the way, I organize model, store and view in MVC manner. May be that's matters?
  3. It doesn't work for me. Please post here console log you got.
  4. OK, here you are.


    Ext.define('APP.model.Task', {
    extend: '',
    fields: [
    { name: 'id' },
    { name: 'title' },
  5. Yes of course I did. When I load data from the store at page load I receive tree with all fields filled correctly.
  6. Hello world!

    I have a treepanel with columns defined:

    { // treepanel
  7. I have the same problem. Did you resolve it? Here it is

    I think it may be an issue with a...
  8. Hi Scott,

    No, these examples doesn't help me. They are simple and doesn't include dropped item modification in beforedrop handler. Can I modify an item in beforedrop? Is it possible?

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    Nevertheless, try to specify copy: true in viewConfig. It looks like data object in beforedrop event doesn't influence to dropped item behavior.
  10. Hello world!

    I have two tree.Panel with different stores and one item I want to drop from one to another. Actually, in the first tree I have a component list - user choose one element, drag it...
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    You need to add the following to your tree.Panel definition

    viewConfig: {
    copy: true
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