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  1. I asked the same question on Stackoverflow. where I got the solution. Here is the link
  2. How can I create a file explorer in Sencha touch?

    I am beginner in Sencha touch. In my project, there is a requirement where I need to show only .pdf files from a selected folder which is present...
  3. Hi,

    I am trying to avoid using ID's as much as I can. So, I just assigned ID to parent container. I know ID's are not suggested to use. I tried using ItemId's but everytime I am getting error...
  4. How to get view variable in controller?
    and even if I update or change some properties in the variable, the view should update.
    How to do this?

    I tried:

    var someVar =...
  5. @mitchellsimoens This is working. Thanks. But actually, I am also moving the bar using two buttons which are adjacent to the slider ('<' and '>'). Your code works fine if I am only working with...
  6. How to keep the tip text of the slider always visible?
    Currently, the tip text is being visible whenever the user drags the bar of the slider.
    I searched on docs but couldn't find any related...
  7. sorry I have done a silly mistake here.. instead of using commas in css styles, I was using semi colons. I was completely in javascript.
  8. In my sencha extjs 4.1.1a MVC project, I am trying to add external style sheets. I created some classes in a external css file and trying to call it in my view architecture by using `cls` config. But...
  9. Thanks for your response. I solved this. There were two errors. The first one is in controller, the reference of store should be stores not store and the second mistake was I was calling var store =...
  10. I created a simple login page using extjs MVC to understand MVC architecture of extjs. As you can see below, I am trying to get the json data into the store and then I will check each username and...
  11. Replies
    @evant I did call

    this.callParent(); //I am not sure whether it is correct

    I am not sure where to call new Game.view.Sudoku();

    and I have called the initComponent for 'view'.

    Can you...
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    In my below code, I am trying to connect my main js file(app.js) with the controller and view. Any how I successed in connecting to controller part (showing console messages of controller). Now I am...
  13. Thanks for these links. I will go through them.
  14. 1) How to set `HTML` to already created panel or any other Element?

    I am a beginner. I tried the below to set some content inside the HTML

    var clickedElement =...
  15. ​In my code there is some `el`.. what does it mean? please explain clearly.. I am new. and how to get `ItemId` of the panel? (I tried getItemId() like var itemId = panel.body.getItemId(), didn't...
  16. In the application below, I am trying to add `id`'s to the generated items dynamically. My code works fine but when I add the below two commented lines in it. It throws error

  17. As a step to learn extjs, I am trying to design Sudoku game which has 81 blocks in it. To create 81 blocks, should I need to repeat the below code 81 times? or is there any way to dynamically create...
  18. Thank you for reply. I got the solution here

    These sencha forums are good but not upto mark in my opinion. So, I created a group on SO where we can...
  19. I am very new to extjs and going through the documentation.!/guide/layouts_and_containers. In the section 'container', there is the following code which is not...
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