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  1. Yes I know that is how it works, but here's the problem, the controller needs to be in full class name. How do we do that? If I use processConfig, the controller was still there which causes a...
  2. Drag a window component. On ViewController created, create new function using the 'Functions' config. You will see on the window component that it created 'controller' config automatically. Is there...
  3. I was unable to remove the value of 'controller' of Window component converted from extjs 4.2 to 5
  4. Since selectAll is not working with buffered grid, how do i automatically select the record as the user scroll down on the grid?

    'prefetch ' event store is firing first before the records render...
  5. I am having the same issue here. I found out that ProxyStore's implementation of getNewRecords and getUpdatedRecords only return empty array.
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    hello slemmon, Thanks for the reply. You mean I would need to readd the foreign key filter in order to remove the three records which I think the filter was added by default in association right?
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    I have a new master-detail record. The detail has 5 records. When saving, I only sent 2 of 5 detail records which means I only wanted to save the two records. How do i reapply the filter (which is...

    after selecting record, click on the remaining space area of grid, you will see that the selected records has been unselect.
  9. As documentation said. Thanks evant..
  10. checkboxmodel still has selected records even if the record already removed from the store.
  11. Hi evant,

    Sorry I missed that.
    Actually, my issue is the next record after the last record that could show on the size of the grid was not able to select (next record after the amount of...
  12. I have models like this.

    extend: '' ,
    idProperty: 'parentId',
    fields: [
    {name: 'parentId'},
    {name: 'parentField'}
  14. Ok I understand now. It's just confusing, because I expect that new instance of store creates new instances as well of its config and properties.
  15. What if the proxy definition defines on the model? Would it be still necessary to define the proxy whenever we create store? That is repetitive of work.

    btw, sencha team, cannot reproduce this,...
  16. when setting extraParams, it sets all instance of store.
  17. setValue of Ext.util.Filter is not changing the actual value.
  18. Hello, It seems to work, but I was not able to show the dropdown. Please see my fiddle to see the error. TypeError: picker.getTargetEl(...) is undefined
  19. Is this a bug?

    The 'update' event in header store was not firing.
  20. See this fiddle.
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    But I think we are on the same page. Could you verify that you removed this in ExtJS 5? Here is a working example in 14.2
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    Sorry I paste the wrong fiddle link.
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    Hello slemmon, Can you check if it is correctly loading the data to the association? It is not on my example.
  25. Hi evant, Could you verify that you removed this functionality in ExtJS 5 so we would know if we will live on using the workaround we use or this is a limitation or bug. I modify the fiddle that...
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