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  1. Thanks.
  2. Ext.ux.touch.grid has an editable demo, "editable.js". There are six fields, the last field(which is called "active") is a selectfield. When I double tap the cell and select "no" then click other...
  3. Thanks. It works under Safari, not Chrome. It seems Chrome has some bug?
  4. 太感谢了。

    Thanks a lot! I have marked your reply.

    Another question, I set a min width to the grid, and I want when container width < min width,
    I can scroll the grid horizontally. So I wrote code:...
  5. 谢谢。我现在用container作为基类,使用vbox布局,items里面加了两个fieldsets和grid,grid指定了flex: 1,现在grid能显示出来了。但是还是有问题,当这三个items的高度超过
  6. Hi, all.

    I have a fieldset. It contains two items, one is a textfield, the other is a Ext.ux.touch.grid.List(xtype: touchgridpanel). I just want these two items fit into a vertical layout,
    so I...
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    I have a tab panel, which has 3 tabs.
    Each tab has a container view, and there are some views in the container.
    Now I need to add back function to those views, how can i do this?

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