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  1. Here's my override hotfix if anyone else can use it:

    * Fixes error "cannot load phantom...
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    I've found with recent versions of CMD and ExtJS it's nearly impossible to get a slim build out of Sencha CMD. I used to be able to get it down to 250-300K when i didn't require any...
  3. Thanks, that helped me find an effective workaround... I just moved that add listener to a procedural call to this.control(...) within the ViewController's init() template method
  4. Thanks Evan!

    For my curiosity can you give me any hints on how an add listener that doesn't even match anything can break that chain? I did a ton of digging and couldn't find any connection :(
  5. FWIW here's my override for adding glyph support to actioncolumn:
  6. This is possibly the slimiest bug I've ever caught, here's the Fiddle:

    Open up your JS console, if you toggle any of the menucheckitem components inside...
  7. Current code looks like this:

    setHref: function(href) {
    var me = this;

    me.href = href;

    // Disabled links...
  8. See this fiddle:

    There are two toolbars, the first one without overflowHandler: 'menu' and the second one with

    When you expand the hamburger menu in the...
  9. See

    In both cases, the <a> tag in DOM gets its href attribute set.

    In the second case though, where the href property wasn't set in the initial config but...
  10. onValueStoreRemove: function() {

    if (this.filterPickList) {;

    onValueStoreChange: function() {
  11. This bug is still going strong in ExtJS 5...
  12. Also, there is a bug in the framework:
  13. This is still a bug with ExtJS and CMD

    A theme's config.rb is ignored unless package.sass.rubypath=${package.dir}/sass/config.rb is added to package/sencha.cfg (as @farion...
  14. This issue effects ExtJS 4.x too

    See second example on

    Steps to reproduce: Check several rows, and then click just outside the...
  15. I'm running into the same problem, I've only gotten it generating working paths spontaneously and even had it at one point generating rediculous paths with components cut out in the middle (it would...
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    Great tool! It would be really useful if you could add layout run monitoring to the layout tab, I use this code in a <debug>-only controller in my apps to monitor layout runs in the console:

  17. I'm aware the iOS7 homescreen has problems, but I'm sure there's some way to get the box to draw and it is the framework's job to deal with browser quirks. It will be a yucky hack but the footprint...
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    I've run into the same issue, here's a fiddle:

    This is the exact code provided in the docs example:!/api/Ext.Menu
  19. Here's a bare-bones ST2.3.1 fiddle:

    If you open the app in the Safari browser on iOS7, you see the load mask. If you then add it to the home sceen and launch...
  20. I just ran into this bug in 4.2.2, is it still waiting on a test case? The fiddle in the opening post demonstrates it.
  21. I'm working on publishing my first component package, and I'm wondering what the best practice is for including docs with the package.

    I've added a "docs" build target to the package's build.xml...
  22. Psychokrameur - I just ran into that same problem and added the layout to the requires in my repo

    I've also published the package on our HTTP repo so you could just run this in your project to...
  23. I've reformatted the component so that it can be used as a Sencha Cmd package, this gets its JS and CSS compiled in with your app automatically:
  24. a plugin.xml file is provided in .sencha/workspace and .sencha/app, however Sencha CMD never loads those files.

    I've added some custom tasks to my workspace's plugin.xml, and with CMD 3.x I was...
  25. Thanks, that worked.

    I was surprised though that setting seriesItemEvents: null in eventPublishers just caused another error instead of suppressing the chart dependency, as the Ext.setup docs...
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