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  1. Complete solution:

    Ext.override(Ext.tree.TreeNode, {
    clone: function() {
    var atts = this.attributes;
    if(this.childrenRendered || this.loaded ||...

    var pasteEventoPendente=new Array();
    pasteEventoPendente[0] = false;

    // No evento onpaste este método é chamado
    function on_editor_paste(evento, janela) {
    // Variável...
  3. nobody had the same problem?
  4. up
  5. anyone?
  6. i have a htmleditor with defaul text format (times new roman and 10 size), the htmledito also has the options to apply bold, italic and underline.

    My problem is when a user copy the text from...
  7. thanks a lot!
  8. I'm using ext 2.2 and found this error in firebug:

    Date.parseDate(value + " " + this.initTime, format + " " + this.initTimeFormat, strict) is undefined
  9. not work =(
  10. I have an iframe and in that iframe opens a grid. In js file that grid (which is linked the page that opens in the iframe) is the handleDelete () function which excludes the records selected .. How...
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