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  1. Renewable Choice Energy is hiring a Software Engineer who will participate in our Agile software development environment to help build and maintain a web-based (SaaS) carbon accounting product that...
  2. I'm experiencing the same issue in Chrome, Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer 9, but not Firefox 4 in Windows 7.
  3. When a ComboBox has remoteFilter and typeAhead set to true, when the user types ahead, the filtered request is sent to the server correctly, but an unfiltered request appears to be sent...
  4. To clarify - "the record whose value was loaded into the ComboBox".
  5. In Beta 3, if the store associated with a ComboBox finishes loading after the record whose value was loaded into the store, the value is not displayed until the user clicks the trigger on the...
  6. (I meant to post this in the Bugs forum.)
  7. We are calling doLayout or doComponentLayout from the toolbar attached to an infinite-scrolling grid when the associated store gets a load event. Calling either layout function resets the scrollbar...
  8. As mentioned in the title, when using an infinity scroller, it appears that currentPage as returned by getPageData is never updated - it always says the current page is 1.
  9. In Beta 2, if the number of records in an infinite-scrolling grid is less than the page size - say, 35 total records with page size 50 - and the size of the grid is larger than the visible area in...
  10. That is a valid workaround, but in our code it would require changes in ten or fifteen places - the modification to NodeStore.onNodeAppend is only required once. We'll make the change in the PHP if...
  11. Sorry, I posted the pre-solution code from Beta 1. Here's onNodeAppend in Beta 2.

    onNodeAppend: function(parent, node, index) {
    var me = this,
    refNode, sibling;
  12. A TreePanel will stop rendering as soon as it encounters a non-leaf node with no children, e.g., { leaf: false, children: [] }. Non-leaf nodes with no children can be useful so the user can...
  13. I solved this by overriding findRecord in my combobox UX.

    The default findRecord in ComboBox looks like this:

    findRecord: function(field, value) {
    var ds =,
  14. I don't know if this is working as intended, if I'm misunderstanding something, or it's a bug, so I'll start here.

    Let's say I have a store with two items:

    [{id:30, name:"Thirty"}, {id:3,...
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