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  1. As far as I can tell the tpl config of a selectfield does nothing to the items. Do you have a small working example? I cannot find anything within the provided examples.
  2. Is it possible to specify an itemTpl for list items in a SelectField?

    I've searched rather extensively and come up empty. I've looked at the default phone and tablet configs, using a listConfig...
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    Touch 1.1.0

    Have a spinner configured like this.

    new Ext.form.Spinner({
    name: 'alpha',
    label: 'Level',
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    I wouldn't use the example that I did for anything production based. It was just a simple refactoring of the original posters code. If you really want the code send me a PM with your email address...
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    Thanks for the update. I'm looking forward to seeing your .NET example. Will it be in svn or posted seperately somewhere?

    Unfortunately I can't access irc here at work.

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    Please don't take any of my comments the wrong way. Just kind of thinking out loud.

    I take it from the quote above that Evan is the ext staffer responsible for doing the .net implementation?

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    I have refactored the example from the original poster. This uses the DataContractSerializer in .NET 3.5 instead of the NewtonSoft one. I uploaded the zip file to skydrive.

    Working through this...
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    I get in way LATE tonight, around midnight. What time does the bar at the hotel close? ;)
  9. This does appear to be fixed now.

    I got tripped up because the output directory of the .jsb file changed from c:\apps\www... to c:\www\shared...

    I've been pulling my files from the original...
  10. Just pulled the latest from SVN and built everything with JSBuilder and noticed no change from what I reported earlier. Same error at the same line number.

    I like to include the script files in...
  11. There seems to be some issue with the recently released beta of ext-core as well as the latest from svn that makes the file not play "nice" with Visual Studio.

    If you include the ext-core.js or...
  12. I have a center panel that contains an <img id='myImage'>

    In the north panel I have a toolbar that when I click on a toolbar button I call setStyle to change the cursor that is shown when the...
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    But the center panel is resized when a north, south, east or west panel is collapsed/expanded so shouldn't a regionresized event be raised for at least the center contentpanel?

    I'm really only...
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    I've got a layout with an 'east' collapsible content panel.
    I've told the BorderLayout to monitorWindowResize: true
    Attached an event handler to layout.on('regionresized', this.onRegionResized);
  15. Don't know if there was any final resolution on this?

    But I can verify that this still doesn't work in alpha 3 rev 4 with either of the following doctypes.

  16. Ah, didn't realize that I needed to configure the blank image url.

    The other one was my fault, had the grid-examples.css in the wrong place ... sorry.
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    It's all async with callbacks for oncomplete, onerror and ontimeout.

    Seemed like it might be an interesting way to take the path of least resistance and combine some "automatic" out the box stuff...
  18. I'm running the paging grid locally and was watching the network traffic.

    I noticed that a file s.gif is being requested from your domain.

    I also noticed that...
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    Are there any other .NET developers on here that are working with the 2.0 framework?

    I'm just kind of thinking out loud here but I was wondering if anyone had given any thought to working with the...
  20. Not sure if this is a known issue so I thought I would post it just in case.

    The escape key listener stops working in IE7 if you move the dialog. Works just fine as long as you don't move the...
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