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  1. I get a weird error when using a component in another tab: Runtime-fout JavaScript: Missing DOM node in element garbage collection: combo-1563-triggerWrap

    At happens when i click the tab where my...
  2. Why does the core check for the backspace key in doTypeAhead? I do not want this in most situations.

    doTypeAhead: function () {
    if (!this.typeAheadTask) {
  3. Any workarounds yet?
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    I took the same approach as Ivan did, we build the mask in static html so the loading of ExtJS itself is covered in the mask aswell. Don't get met wrong your approach is good but ExtJS takes 1-2...
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    Im having a problem that when I press enter in a filterfield, he sorts the column instead of filtering. Doesn't even come in the keypress event.


    It's fixed when i uncommented these lines:...
  6. Yeah, that will be more userfriendly.
  7. I agree, but that's not obvious when you open the picker if you know what I mean.
    You can press the OK button despite the selection being invalid.
  8. If you don't select AM or PM it's not working.
  9. Is it possible to share your version of CTemplate for 4.1 ?
    We have the same out of stack exception.
  10. So basically a cookie store?
  11. Worked for me too :-)
  12. I found it:

    layout: {
    overflowHandler: "Scroller"
  13. Hi I'm trying to search how to enable the feature for a scroller left and scroller right button on a toolbar when the items surpass the width of the toolbar.

    It is used in the taskbar of the...
  14. Very nice, I made some modification to dynamically load the html2canvas library in the feedbackbutton constructor, so I dont have to add them on my index.html.
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    Yes there is, take a look at the following link:!/api/Ext.util.TextMetrics-static-method-measure
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    I've seen an UX before that displays a button where you can report a bug. It automatically takes a screenshot of the current state of your application, but I can't seem to find this plugin.
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    ExtJS does this automatically, if you store gets a new resultset that is filtered (and the total count is given) it will automatically show the total pages available etc...
  18. In Chrome I get:

    Uncaught TypeError: Property 'undefined' of object #<Object> is not a function

    In Firefox:

    Ext[X.D] is not a function

    eval() 9 (regel 1)
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    Same issue here. Fix above fixed my problem.
  20. Because I want the headers to be there, for sorting and filtering.
  21. Is there a way to just hide the grids view and place my custom view on top of it?
    I can hide my grid now and enable my second view, which works on the same store (paging, sorting, filtering, ...) ...
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    Exactly what I was looking for thanks
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    I want to create a grid with multiple views. I have an Ext.view.View (dataview) which contains tiles and a normal grid views.

    I've seen a forum member share a plugin which contains a...
  24. I get the same warning constantly. And when i'm in my app folder with structur

    - app
    - model
    - extjs
  25. If you mean like filtering your grid, we mostly just give an extra param to the store proxy and reload it.

    var store = grid.getStore();
    store.getProxy().extraParams.comboFilter =...
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