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  1. Thanks for your reply existdissolve. I really would like to stick with Sencha EXTJS for this scatter chart. But it's performance is too slow... unless I'm missing a configuration somewhere to speed...
  2. I developed a scatter chart with Sencha EXTJS that plots 1000+ dots. The problem is, the rendering of this chart takes too long to load on a browser. For instance, it takes 2+ minutes to load a...
  3. We have a html-based table converted to the sencha extjs grid using the TransformGrid.js. (source taken from the examples). We would like to add filtering to the columns (i.e., selected the...
  4. I have a bar chart with possibly many bars depending on the data. My bars are displayed horizontally with the labels on the y-axis (left). The issue is, if there is alot of data(bars) to display, ...
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    Doesn't sound like ExtJS has the ability to add vertical lines into a chart. Which is a shame. Other charting tools can do it... namely ChartFX.
  6. The height is not specified, but that isn't the issue with this list not displaying. when looking at the screenshot of the "empty list", Secha Touch Beta 3 is indeed trying to show at least one item...
  7. Thanks for giving me hope isiphil, but the root -> rootProperty change didn't make the list appear. and in fact, the single empty image place holder you see in the screenshot completely disappears...
  8. Kinda disappointing the Beta3 version broke the app using the PR3 version. But here are my screenshots,

    The left screenshot (empty list) is using the Sencha Touch 2 Beta 3. The right screenshot...
  9. In my Sencha Touch 2 pr3 app, I have the following line of code to display a list in my "myList" list panel.

    Everything works fine in SenchaTouch2pr3 - I'm able to view my list of items.
  10. I am also looking to support Vietnamese and Spanish characters. I tried some characters below,

    html: 'Phở and señor'

    and all i see is gibberish for the "o" and the "n". Am I not setting a...
  11. I did noticed the links worked fine for me in my iPad but not on my Android... and after reading the release notes, I see it was fixed for the iPad in Sencha Touch 2 pr 2.

    Has the linking...
  12. The code below is working for me.
    It plots two markers based on longitude and latitude coordinates.

    xtype: 'map',

    listeners: {
  13. I'm trying to get my current location in longitude and latitude. I'm using Sencha Touch 2 pr 3.
    The sencha documentation says GeoLocation doesn't work,...
  14. you probably had the same problem i had,
    see my thread here,

    let me...
  15. was using secha-touch-all-debug.js

    <script type="text/javascript" src="lib/touch2/sencha-touch-all-debug.js">

    changed to sencha-touch-all.js

    <script type="text/javascript"...
  16. Just thought I share this to anyone who will have this same problem. since it took me two days to debug and figure this one out. If you happen to get a blank/white screen when you package your...
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    after two days of debugging, i found the reason why my sencha touch app didn't work in Phonegap (was getting a white screen). It is because I was still using the debug version of the sencha touch...
  18. Hi all,

    For those of you who have successfully uploaded your Sencha Touch apps to the AppStore and/or Android Market, which method did you use to package your code to the native app files...
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    justin, are you using the phonegap build (uploading) service? or are you using phonegap plugins in another development tool?
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    I am also having a problem getting my Sencha Touch 2 app to work in my android via Phonegap.
    I get a plain white screen - which indicates the Sencha Touch js code isn't being executed. In a...
  21. Which Sencha SDK version are you using? the SDK 1.2.3? or the SDK 2.0.

    After a quick research, Sencha SDK 2.0 is still a preview release and is only functional for packaging iOS apps. I hope...
  22. the scroll:'vertical' property didn't work for me.
    but since this tab panel only has html, you could try to include the property xtype:'list' instead.
    it worked for me. see below,

  23. thanks ramachandran. But layout:'card' is already being used. this issue probably has something to do with the store/json call from my custom made webservice. although it works perfectly fine in...
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    I'm not sure if you can prepend/append the "<table>" tags.

    If it's a viable option, you could try and put the table tags in each itemtpl and then set the width of each cell to a static width...
  25. dschano,

    Any luck getting your list to work on an Android? I'm having a similiar problem. My list works on nearly all the platforms (Google Chrome for pc, Safari for pc, iPhone, iPad) but not...
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