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    Firefox OS is a 100% HTML5, CSS and JavaScript operating system. See The philosophy is 'the web is the platform'. The device boots...
  2. I found documentation about upgrading from Sencha Touch 2.1 to 2.1 here:!/guide/theming

    But did the API change between Sencha Touch 2.1 and 2.2 ? By API I mean...
  3. You are right, so I changed the .gitignore file above, the touch/ directory is no longer ignored.
    I added this changed .gitignore file to my pull request on the gitignore project.
  4. I'm not a git expert, but it seemed logical to me to ignore the touch/ folder because it never changes, it is rather large and it can be downloaded freely by anyone and included in one's local Git...
  5. For those who use Git and possibly GitHub for developing Sencha Touch 2.1.x projects:

    I wrote this .gitignore template.
    Files and folders in a .gitignore file are not tracked by Git.
  6. I found that a picker slot has a scroller instance, on which you can listen to the "scroll" event to check if it is currently scrolling and if so, listen for the "scrollend" event to wait for the...
  7. I need to change an item in one of the slots in the Picker component. When I do so while the slot is still animating, I get an error: "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'style' of undefined"...
  8. I had the same problem, and avoided the remove / add way altogether. I only added items to a container (after checking the item was not already added), and used the setActiveItem(instancename) method...
  9. As a first step, I would check if anything is actually saved in your localStorage, after running your app online. In the Chrome web inspector the localStorage of the current page can be viewed by...
  10. How can I load a simple JavaScript file, in such a way that when a users' device is offline, the file is retrieved from the localStorage?

    The file I want to load is not a Sencha Touch formatted...
  11. Thanks for your reply, I will try the version number in the .appcache file.
  12. You could try Ext.Load.loadScriptFile(), which supports both synchronous and asynchronous loading (and execution) of the script file.
  13. Two simple questions...

    I built my app using the latest version of Sencha Cmd with "sencha app build production". It works fine, but not when offline.

    Question 1:
    Do I have to specify all...
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    Hi Tracy,

    Thank you.

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    I have submitted my app for the html5 is ready contest. Exciting!
    How do I know my app is properly submitted? I didn't get a confirmation e-mail.
    I made the app specially for the contest,...
  16. Hi and thanks for your reply. I thought of that too. However setting the css font-size property percentage makes the font size scale relative to the text size of the parent element, not the size of...
  17. I have a universal ST 2 app i.e. one single user interface for tablets and phones. It would be nice to have some of the text, e.g. button text, scale dependent on the size at which its container is...
  18. Excellent, your solution works! Thank you.
  19. I need a picker inside a flexible / stretching hbox or vbox but I can't get it working.

    I want to create something like this:

    In the top...
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    Embedding Youtube video's in Sencha Touch is not possible because it uses flash. iOS and Android (recently) both do not support Flash. I use Vimeo embeds ( and it works in my Sencha Touch 2...
  21. Thank you for your help. I made a working example at senchafiddle here:

    On startup the app shows a loadmask. After the load event fired on an iframe, the...
  22. Anyone knows how I can make my app listen for an event on an iframe, indicating it is fully loaded?

    I have two kinds of iframes in my Sencha Touch 2 app:

    Embedded Vimeo movies (youtube doesn't...
  23. Thank you for your reply, it helped me a bit further in my learning Sencha Touch 2 and JavaScript in general. The .callParent() method calls the overridden method of the parent class. That could be...
  24. Thanks for your reply! Of course you are right, however if some space is left to one or both sides of the embedded iframe so that the iframe does not take 100% of the container's width, the content...
  25. Hello,

    Someone may find this useful.
    For an app displaying user content I needed a way to make user's video embeds (using html5 iframe embed code from e.g. YouTube) automatically fitting the...
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