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  1. the problem is the hide listener which destroys. This is called before the click event.
    I used an override in Item to destroy the menu after the click.

    Same problem occured first time in version...
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    at least you should be able to set this value, just find the right place to do after detect iwas called:

    Ext.supports = {};
    Ext.supports.Touch = false;
  3. sorry, but this is too time expansive. It's easy if you read the code. Just compare renderRows in Tree and TableView, look to what is resetted. You will notice, that in Tree the tooltip is set...
  4. yes, listen to the event, validate and restore if not wanted.
  5. sorry, i have to add: used version is ""
  6. for which reason do you want to allow dragging grouped column outside? I would not allow this ;)
  7. I have a case in one application where a tree has a 'qtip' field in the model. After this tree is rendered, all other grids get a row qtip which is identical to the last row qtip of the tree.

  8. Bug in version

    If you listen to a controller event in any controller, configured like

    controller: {
    '#myController': {...}
  9. It looks like you manipulated the console object with an override and missed to integrate the "warn" function.
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    You should read the documentation! There is no property labelStyle, but a reference to the label element labelEl.
  11. i fear this won't work without overrides. With rendering triggers, only the cls property is used. You may try to set a custom cls with font-family of glyph, just try. But glyph number as used in...
  12. another way instead using interceptors would be an override. Extjs5 has a fine way to do this, just place a file in app/override/form/field/Field.js with this content:

  13. controller expects an alias string, not the class name.
    In this case the @ parameter is not needed, but maybe shows a way to address the location.
    I do not see any benefits in this syntax, as alias...
  14. there is enough info.

    First the code:

    renderer: function (sprite, config, rendererData, index) {
    var store =,
    storeItems =...
  15. +1
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    sure. The node toggles by default on doubleclick. You can disable this by

    toggleOnDblClick: false
  17. maybe you can overwrite it in .sencha/app/Boot.js which seems to be used as template.
  18. This worked in build 736, but works not in build 967. So it seems a new bug is in.
  19. you can do it from code as well, there you also see how to do this from url or cookie

    edit bootstrap.js and overwrite the param:

    disableCaching: false,
    // ...
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    i didn't know this example. In my case there is a custom component where you can get the label value as well, the mentioned example just edit the label without any further handling.
    And the...
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    here is a very basic and simple extension that gives the possibility to edit the label of the textfield.
    I did not fine-tuned the appearance of the editor, so you may want to shrink it, or...
  22. Fiddle renders wrong, maybe because of the JS error.

    The markup is fine, but you get an JS error because the target is null - which is the div you are render to.
    Take a look to Ext.layout.Layout,...
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    i get following error with

    sencha app build -run native

    [ERR] Detected ruby version 2.0.0 was not less than 2.0. Please install ruby 1.8 or 1.9.
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    hm - what else should be done to get attention?

    remark - there is a live update chart example out that works. But there the store is completely loaded, while in my example there is only a...
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