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  1. thank you, it's possible to ''compile" an 2.3 touch project with 2.4 or must we 'upgrade' the project first?
  2. If i install cmd and the bundle the architect will pull the new versions on start? That's right?
  3. Hi Aaron,

    i login but cannot find an update for architect (but we bought 2 license), only
    Sencha Touch BundleSencha Touch CompleteSencha TouchSencha Cmd
    Where i can...
  4. I forget,we bought the sencha touch complete 2.3.x and the architect too.
  5. Hi.

    we want to update our sencha architect with the current framework version 2.3.x to the sencha touch 2.4.0.

    How does it work?


  6. we do not find a way to change the license id in the architect of my co-worker. He enter (was a mistake) my id, but we bought 2 license of the architect. Now we try to change the license id but...
  7. add to war file::D
    - app
    - app.js
    - app.css
    - index.html

  8. should i pack complete content of architect project folder in the war or there is a trick to do better?

    thank you for reading
  9. sorry, greenhorn on ext js / sencha touch and java script, but i realized some projects on gxt. In gxt i can recompile java class (using the gwt compiler) and deploy my project as a war file on a...
  10. Hi Colin.

    I use the workarround, thank you for help.

    Looking forward for next step of migration :>
  11. Result of your code:

    Current locale name: de
    Decimal separator in current locale: ,
    Using decimal format #,##0.###
    1,00 is parsed as 1.0

    Thank you for explaining me my...
  12. <module rename-to="bibs">
    <inherits name='com.sencha.gxt.ui.GXT'/>
    <inherits name="com.sencha.gxt.chart.Chart"/>
    <inherits name="com.sencha.gxt.theme.base.Base"/>

  13. This works...

    NumericFilter<ArticleData, Double> numericBundleFilter = new NumericFilter<ArticleData, Double>(
  14. Hi,

    if i enter in grid header the value "1", i get the value "10.0" in the backend.

    In frontend i typ "1":

    NumericFilter<ArticleData, Double> numericBundleFilter = new...
  15. i'm not sure about the version of the browser, may be a bug in chrome?
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