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  1. This is being called automatically by binding when typing in a text field so I have no control on the set least I don't think I do.
  2. We have a base64 field that we only want converted when coming from the server. When the user types in the text area we don't want convert called. Setting convertOnSet: false on the model does what...
  3. I'm using 5.0.1 and a Msg timer that worked in 4 stopped working in 5. After some digging into the Ext source code I figured out why. Here is a Fiddle and if you change waitConfig to wait it works.
  4. Go back to your original code and try this. I had to do this somewhere to make the parent's VM visible.

    Ext.create('Ext.form.Panel', {
    floating: true,
    viewModel: {}
  5. In our application we have tabs each of which has a TabController. The TabController listens to events like Save and makes a server call. Each tab has a child view controller ModelController which...
  6. You need to do something like:


    This example shows how to attach dialogs to a view to share the VM & VC.
  7. Add this to the requires and see what happens:Ext.layout.container.Fit
  8. I have a child view that uses data from a parent's ViewModel. In the parent's ViewController I do this:

    initViewModel: function (viewModel) {
    var me = this;

  9. In all of our ViewModels the stores are created outside of them. Using them in data is easier using set() and get() and our grids seem to bind just fine with it in stores or data. Is there any...
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    Well the problem started in my constructor doing callParent(config) instead of callParent(arguments)
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    I have a child model who's parent model has record in data. I need to do a dynamic bind based on config but I'm trying simple stuff first. The bind to get('') works for hours and...
  12. I have a ViewModel with a dirty formula which works when any of the data is changed on the parent but not on any of the hasMany stores. I have deep true which I thought was supposed to handle all the...
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    I have this form field and have a formula for systemCalculated which is working just fine. I am trying to avoid writing a 2nd formula for minValue and haven't had any luck yet. Is there a way I can...
  14. I have a dataview that has a ViewController and ViewModel on it. When the user clicks Add on the dataview the VC onAddClick gets called and a modal window is created. I want this window to use the...
  15. Figured it out.

    listeners: {
    addclick: 'onAddClick'

    onRender: function() {
  16. I have a 'main' controller and a child dataview has its own controller. The dataview has an add icon and when clicked I want the dataview controller to handle the event. When I run the app I get an...
  17. The answer was too obvious

    Ext.create('Wp.view.main.Main', {
    viewModel: {
    stores: {
  18. ViewModel has a getStore(), getStores(), setStores(), but doesn't have a setStore(). Our app frequently updates stores and we'll need to update the ViewModel each time. Since getStore() exists it...
  19. We fetch data from the server and then want to create a view and put that data in its ViewModel. Is there a way to do it when creating the view? Right now I have 2 steps and it works but 1 step is...
  20. I have a Panel which has a docked toolbar with a bunch of buttons. I want to define a listener at the panel level which will cover all the toolbar's buttons instead of putting the listener on each...
  21. We are trying to upgrade from 4.2.2 to 5.0.0 and this bug is a pretty bad block:
  22. Ext.define('Wp.base.model.ProcessList', {
    extend: '',

    fields: [
    { name: 'id', mapping: 'procId' },

    { name: 'action', type: 'string'},
  23. Is there a way to suppress it? We have a bunch of them and it's hard to find warnings we care about in development.
  24. [W] Redefining field "id" in Wp.base.model.ProcessList
  25. I'm converting a 4.2.2 app to 5 and most of our models map the id to a field like this:

    { name: 'id', mapping: 'procId' },

    Ext JS 5 throws a warning. I've tried idProperty and...
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