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  1. I upgraded a 1.2 project to 2 build 298 and it worked fine.

    After upgrading my project from 2.298 to 2.341, it looks like some component might have lost its store. I get this message in firebug: ...
  2. It looks like the cursor issue is not linked to resolution. I use 2 monitors with the same effect regardless of on which the designer is used and regardless of whether the program is in a maximized...
  3. Thanks.

    Just for my reference, which font do you use on Windows to resolve the issue?

    I can install that in the mean time and let you know if using the same font on Linux resolves it.
  4. Thanks, feel a bit silly now, not noticing that.

    I've attached the screenshot of the cursor.
  5. I've attached a zip file containing 2 screenshots and a test project.

    Screenshot 1 shows the cursor issue and the other show the test project with the view indicated as initial view.

    The sample...
  6. It turns out that export on Linux, does not add this line to designer.js:

    autoCreateViewport: true,

    Once added, project displays fine.
  7. Just been testing Designer 2. Brilliant ideas! You guys were probably high on ~o) the past few months!

    One minor bug:
    in the code editor, when typing new lines, the cursor seems to run away...
  8. Wow, that sounds perfect. I'll test it out today.

    As a side note, you guys are doing excellent work. Must say you are bringing web development out of the stone ages. As a previous desktop...
  9. guess it can't be done
  10. From the api, I can clearly see how this would be achived if I was not using the designer.

    Unfortunately that does not help a lot when using the designer to create .ui.js which gets overwritten...
  11. Using Designer 1.2.2 on Extjs 4.0.7, I added a "Tool" to a panel and set the type to "refresh". I see no way of renaming the Tool or giving it an id. How do I create an onclick event for it?

  12. Thank you! That page showed me something usefull, but if I stumbled upon it, I really wouldn't have known what I was looking for. The StoreManager can return the store.

    The solution seems to be...
  13. Doesn't look like it. You can basically only set a few basic properties. And it looks like none of the examples available address this. Took me 2 days to find out where to create the onclick event...
  14. Thank you that sounds very usefull... except, as a beginner, I have no idea what you are talking about.

    The store is on autoload and there are no events. It must be created, but HOW and WHERE?...
  15. Hi all. Just a basic and quick question - please do not assume any knowledge from my side - still learning...

    I receive data via Json Reader that includes the success value. On server side, I...
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