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  1. The link goes to the same page.
  2. Has anyone tried the 4.1 RC - as the issue seems fixed there:

    Search for EXTJSIV-4464 - prepareAssociatedData...
  3. Very interesting, Jash. We've also been looking for this feature as we feel this is the missing part of the model relationship package that already comes with ExtJS 4.

    The kind of use cases that...
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    The items of a Viewport default to a Panel. In the first code sample (of Viewport) the items use a config property called autoHeight. This property is not documented as part of Panels configs, and it...
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    The documentation seems to suggest that you get a warning unless you include a Ext.require at the top of the application file.

    Using ExtJS 4.0.7 I do not get this warning, when following the...
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