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  1. I played around with your code in 4.2.1.

    Not sure what the guidance is on what to put in config and what not to put in config, but if I take the proxy out of the config on your model, then the...
  2. Where in all that code are you trying to select a row (unsuccessfully)?
  3. What about that isn't working?

    I popped your title on a Panel in the API code editor and it shows "My Title" as the title. I don't have your style defined to see if that works, so I put a bold...
  4. Not sure of the context of your requests. If it is an event handler, you can specify a buffer in the options.!/api/Ext.util.Observable-method-addListener
  5. Are you saying that your function is not called when the cancel (x) button is used?

    I tried the below code in the console on the MessageBox example page for the current Ext version (using Firefox...
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    stopSelction isn't spelled right. Is that just in the post or in your code too?

    {xtype:'checkcolumn', width:64, text:'Offline', dataIndex:'hptlines', menuDisabled:true, align:'center',
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    Ext.define does not create an instance of your store. You still need to either use new, Ext.create, or specify the type/storeId on something like a grid to end up with an instance.

  8. There are some comments in the Ext.form.Basic.loadRecord documentation that seem relevant. They both have suggested solutions. I looked at the source code from 4.0.7 and 4.2.1 documentation links and...
  9. Did you try setting matchFieldWidth to false? It is on combo, not listConfig. By default it is true. It is mentioned in the info about listConfig.width.

    From combo documentation for listConfig : ...
  10. How have you specified the format/dateFormat for the column renderer, the column editor, and the fields in the model/store? What does the input data look like for the date field ( the json or xml)?
  11. Which grid editor plugin? Does this occur for you with the grid editor examples?

    Row Editor current link

    Cell Editor - Kitchen sink - current link
  12. Are you seeing that happen on the grid row editor example? I don't see it happening with Firefox 17.0.1.

    Row editor example is currently at...
  13. Looks like you already saw this bug report, but I thought I'd go ahead and link to it since I went to the trouble to find this post.
  14. Not sure what you are needing, but this worked for me.

    // The data store containing the list of states
    var states = Ext.create('', {
    fields: [
    {name: 'abbr',...
  15. I don't see a 45 day trial link for version 4.0.7 (version of the documentation referenced). Did you download the current version or 4.0.7?
  16. Does this class in the require exist?

    require: '',
  17. This worked for me in firebug console (as described by skirtle above) :

    Ext.util.Format.decimalSeparator = '.';
    Ext.util.Format.thousandSeparator = "'";

  18. That's a lot of code. Can you isolate the issue?

    I ran the below part of the code (please use code tags for readability --- use the # button ) on firefox 17.0.1 in the firebug console on a 4.2.1...
  19. Ext.util.Format.dateRenderer returns a function that uses, format); uses Date.parse() (see code below : v = new Date(Date.parse(v)); )

    Looks like the...
  20. What do you mean by not working well? What result do you get? Is there a good reason why you are not having the store load its own data?
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    Not sure if this is the version you are using, but I see it here in 4.1.1a :

  22. Not showing the select all / deselect all header checkbox worked for me using showHeaderCheckbox: false.

    showHeaderCheckbox : Boolean
    Configure as false to not display the header checkbox at...
  23. Try taking buffered: true out of your store config. Looking at the documentation for buffered there may be some other config changes needed to use it.

    I pasted your code into an example and got it...
  24. Try length instead of count. Or better yet play with it in the Firebug console, "alert" isn't very useful for figuring out what your object looks like.
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    If I got to the code of interest...

    store.load({params: param.idTiersPourAdresse});
    var first = store.first();
    var rec =;

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