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  1. @rhapsodyv - You deserve a medal. That fix works great!
  2. +1. I've noticed this issue with Chrome on Windows 7. On the Mac, I've had no problems with Chrome. I'm using Chrome 18 on both w/ ExtJS 4.1 RC1
  3. Hi Don, the code is actually not that much. It's in the original post. Just take that viewport and dump it in an Ext.onReady on an HTML page that includes the portal classes (and css) from the...
  4. Thanks for checking it out. The scroll bars appear (on both Chrome and FF4) when you drag a portlet from the top portal to the bottom one (or vice versa).

    You are right, I don't see autoHeight...
  5. Hi, I've been using the 4.1 RC1 Portal example, and noticed that there are very strange layout issues when one or more portalpanels are embedded in an anchor (with autoHeight) layout. Multiple...
  6. This issue still exists in 4.1 RC1.
  7. Replies
    +1. It happens on grids as well as trees in version 4.0.6. Super annoying.
  8. Returning false in a tab's beforedeactivate listener does not revert the tab bar/header item that was clicked.

    To reproduce:

    1. Create a tab panel with 2 tabs
    2. Put a 'beforedeactivate'...
  9. I'm running into this exact same problem in B3. After a new model is created/saved, subsequent saves use the correct url (appending the id to the end), but the operation action is always going to be...
  10. What is the current state of this issue? It appears that this bug still exists in 3.3.0.
  11. I'm probably missing something here, but as far as I know this should work in theory. Ultimately, my goal is to drag & drop a tree node onto a target div that is covering an iframe (kind of like...
  12. Thanks for the speedy demo! I tried putting a max-height css style on the HTML div for the panel body and it didn't have any effect. I also tried it on the panel div itself, and it still didn't do...
  13. I think there are still some issues with having a tree panel within the info panel. Problems especially occur when the tree is expanded beyond the initialHeight setting.

    - I get double scroll...
  14. First off, great job! I am putting a tree inside an InfoPanel. When the tree is expanded so that its contents are beyond the height of the panel, there isn't a way for the user to scroll to see...
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