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  1. I'm having trouble converting from 2.0.1 to 2.0.3. GXT is firing the Events.Detach before the component is detached. Specifically, when handlingn the Detach event, if you call this.isAttached()...
  2. I am inserting a row into the grid and I want to select it after it has been inserted and is rendered on the screen.

    I used a StoreListener to catch the add event:

  3. I think it's a bug as well as a question. The row editor should not be querying the data model for the "" attribute. it's not part of the model. I can try to extend the row editor as you suggest to...
  4. When I use a Grid with a RowEditor and a CheckboxSelectionModel, the popup form queries my model for all the attributes so it can display their current values. One request it makes is for the...
  5. I am adding a new row in my editor grid which has null values for most of the model data. One of them is a Boolean, which I am rendering using a checkbox. I get a null Pointer exception here:
  6. 1.2.3 grid data columns with borders longer than header columns

    In my EditableGrid I am using styles to put a...
  7. Thanks so much for the quick response! I would like to incorporate this, did you fix the 1.2.4 release or just 2.0. Can you give me the url for checking out the 1.2.4 release and/or the diff I can...
  8. I am trying to catch the down arrow key in the editor grid and I can do this in IE and in Hosted Mode, but in Firefox my handler is not called for the down arrow or up arrow keys. Tab is working:

  9. [edit: I moved this thread to bugs, had put it in Help by mistake. Though If anyone knows a workaround, feel free to respond.]


    In my EditableGrid I am using styles to put a small border...
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    I just checked out

    svn co

    I do not see ActiveGrid in there. Is there another svn url I should use?
  11. Hi,

    I downloaded the latest 1.1.1 and copied the samples\examples\src and samples\resources\src into a new Eclipse project, with the gxt and gwt libs.

    In order to run GWTCompile on Examples, I...
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    putting "css/ext-all.css" won't work for me since my JSP host pages are not loaded from the same directory as the GWT module files. I think this would be the case for many deployments that were not...
  13. Your fix does seem to be working in Firefox and IE. However, I am using this in gwt-ext 2.0.1, and I am trying to get the rowspan to work by setting a colspan but no header, similar to your example...
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