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    Thanks for your reply. Even I had scanned the files in Norton and McAfee and found the source is clean. But why Google is reporting as infected? Due to this can't able to mail the source code.
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    When ext-debug.js and ext-dev.js is added as attachment in Gmail found that they are infected by virus. Tried to download the extjs lib(4.2.1) using multiple system (Windows and Mac) and attached the...
  3. Yes... sorry for wrong cmd
  4. What are the differences between
    sencha app build and
    sencha app complile

    while shipping the code to production do we need to build or compile?
  5. how to do that, any good articles for that?
  6. There is editable grid which has static data like 5 rows.
    each row has one text box and one dropdown box while editing. The complexity here is each row's dropdown must have different data/value in...
  7. In a code extended Ext.panel.Panel for a floating panel. When derived class for the panel rendering is working fine including the dragging. But "constrainTo" configuration is not working if added...
  8. Ext.draw.Sprite has a function called setAttribute for rotation and translation. Is this can be done by configuration instead of calling a method to the sprite object , while creating sprite itself?...
  9. Attached the combobox to a panel with dirtychange listener.

    the function triggers when when some text...
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    yes directly from url. Sorry actually dont know the use of it so tried calling it directly from browser url
  11. Sorry, can you explicitly tell how to retrieve the component from sprite object?

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    In Kitchensink of the latest version there is a js file Kitchensink.profile.Base . In this file there is some code for benchmarking. Can i know why it is for. Since when try to call that code it...
  13. Thanks mitchellsimoens,
    The problem is there is only one element, but it is some how initiated twice. Most of the view are being loaded twice but cant able to find out the reason. But cant...
  14. is there no need to use initComponent() ?
  15. How to get the parent (Ext.draw.Component) for a sprite which referenced was recived from the mouse event.

    It dont have up() method, as it is not component. And it is useless to use the element's...
  16. Using remote debugging in chrome was testing a sencha touch mvc application in android mobile.
    When application loads in the desktop browser there was no warning in the developer tool's console. But...
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    For Ext.draw.Sprite objects how can we able to attach listeners using the MVC pattern.


  18. This is first time trying to extend the Ext components to make some configuration default while using it. But have a problem.

    //code 1
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    Will Sencha touch app built for android will work for Android ICS (4.0) or not? Many have mentioned that it is not loading.
    4.0 has major audience after 2.2 . If it is doesnt works then it is major...
  20. To get ride of that warning then include below config in the packager configuration file(packager.json) and build the app again.

  21. try this

    sencha -d package build packager.json

    so it will provide debug information
  22. try creating the app using Sencha CMD and then try building the app for native. Since the app code which was generated from sencha cmd and build was nearly 5mb apk
  23. This is the error log generated from Android 4.0 emulator. (bare template app created by CMD)
    It raise both in Debug mode and Release mode build. but in android 4.1 and 2.2 it is working fine.

  24. Created a Sench Touch app with the Sencha CMD and tested in browser and found the template app running fine without even typing single character. Then changed packager.json for Android and built the...
  25. Yeah missed it.

    CompatibilitySencha Cmd is designed for Sencha Ext JS version 4.1.1a or higher and Sencha Touch version 2.1 or higher.
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