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  1. The idea is to minimize the amount of ways of navigating through a collection of records. The grid currently contains a two-way-navigation: scrollbar+paging.

    Anyway. A nice trick is to render the...
  2. Of course... :)

    Add the attribute to the container of your tree...


    var el = dh.append(renderTo,{tag: 'div', style: 'position: relative'},true);
    var tree = new ...
  3. Throwing a div element with "position: relative" seems to solve the problem...
  4. Found an error while playing with the TreePanel.
    Expand a TreePanel to the point where a scrollbar appears and then scroll to the bottom. Try drag an element around. The widget has a bit of a...
  5. I have a relatively large menu which takes quite some time to render due to a even larger submenu. This of course results in a slow-down in response when hovering different menu items, since the...
  6. new Ext.form.NumberField({
    width: 100,

    Changing the decimal separator to a comma results in marking the value as invalid.
  7. Gotta contribute somehow... heh...

    When you quickly destroy and/or remove the container of the basic grid an error occur
    Currently fixed, by changing three functions.. See example below...

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