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  1. You're welcome, actually, the post we wrote gets more traffic than our homage so it seems there are quite a few others who find it useful. Please leave a positive feedback on the blog!
  2. Hi David,

    Thanks for link. The reason for posting was not as a result of research, it was a post we wrote as part of a presentation we did for the London Sencha Touch user group we run. I...
  3. Hi All,

    We run a ST meetup group in London and have written up a talk we did at the last event 'Theming Sencha Touch with SASS':

  4. Hi all,

    Wasn't sure what forum was best for this message but we organise the London Sencha Touch User Group (#LSTUG) and our 3rd event is on the 11th July from 6.30pm. I know a lot of you are...
  5. Hi,

    I thought people might be interested to know that myself and a couple of developers have just set up a new meetup group in London for the Sencha Touch framework and to discuss all things...
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