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  1. Sounds like you're trying to run before you can walk to be honest; that's a complex example to try and modify if you're that new here.

    I suggest you start by looking at border layouts, as...
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    Another blocker for you Don, here:

    Any update yet on when we can expect 5.0.2 and stability?

  3. Debugging, trying to see what's going on...

    When I call refresh, bufferedrenderer.onStoreClear is called 24 times! (I have 12 rows visible).
    Seems like a candidate for optimisation!

  4. In the fiddle, if leave scrollY at the top, hit refresh, then scroll down, clicking on row 20 or above is fine (with 15 rows visible).

    The page size is 100, and the leading buffer zone is 300 (on...
  5. Just talked someone through this fiddle, and noticed if after a reload you scroll such that you get more loads occurring it works.

    Does the page cache need binning?

    Edit: Hmm, nope, can see...
  6. See this fiddle:

    Verify that you can click on a cell.
    Now hit 'Refresh' on the bbar.
    Click on a cell again.

    An error is thrown. It's something to do with...
  7. This is concerning, since use callSuper in a few Ext overrides ourselves.

    Does it always call the immediate base class rather than the original one, or does it need a specific set of conditions to...
  8. See this fiddle:

    My fix, in Ext.form.field.Text:

    setReadOnly: function(readOnly) {
    var me = this,
    triggers = me.getTriggers(),...
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    I'm not seeing any grids or trees though.
  10. Can also see odd behaviour on this grid:

    Does that work in the nightly?
    Haven't got time to grab it and check now...

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    Just spotted this thread.

    Blimey, surprising to say the least.
    It's the single developers that drive this community from what I can see, especially in the past.
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    Hi Don,

    Thanks for getting back to me, nice to know that the forums are being watched, and that issues are being resolved.

    Without visibility of your Jira it's hard to have confidence that...
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    Have to echo this.

    Major deal breaking bugs are still in the last nightly I looked at. Such as:

    Tabbing through fields in almost all browsers
    Error tooltips stealing focus
  14. Found another issue.

    My updated override

    convertValue: function (value, convertToDate) {
    if (convertToDate && !Ext.isDate(value)) {
    value =...
  15. Hehe, it happens. It's a case of override fatigue :)
  16. Nice one, that's good to know.

    Oh, and here's a formatted version of the override so we can see what's going on:

    Ext.define('OVERRIDE.panel.Table', {
    override: 'Ext.panel.Table',

  17. Hi,

    This is a pretty major issue for us (I work with Jim), since makes our products unusable in our most popular browser.
    Popular with our clients rather than us I should add :)

    Is this...
  18. Sounds like a bug to me.
  19. Yes, I agree, it's the most annoying part of being on an early Sencha release.
    5.0.0 had very broken grid data positioning, and 5.0.1 has focus stealing tooltips and non-functioning comboboxes (in...
  20. Yeah, my fault. The fix works well.

    There is something seriously up with trees and buffered rendering though, from what I am seeing.

    My override:

  21. Oh, my override has callParent in it, which calls the original version... whoops
  22. Oh, if step through this you see the following.

    Before callParent: me.bufferedRenderer = false.
    After me.bufferedRenderer is a bufferedRenderer instance (but the flag is still false).

    Do we...
  23. Hi,

    I'm seeing similar in one of my trees in Ext 5.0.1, where have data missing when scroll up, unless scroll down and up again.
    Have tried turning off the bufferedRenderer, but no dice.

  24. Oh, it's not sorted my issues... kudos though :)

    Edit: Some more on this.
    In the post above, I hacked the Ext code (so it worked).
    In this post I put in a bad override (see below), so it didn't.
  25. Just hit some serious weirdness on one of my trees, with nodes disappearing and all sorts.
    Turning off bufferedRenderer and applying your fix appears to have sorted it, so thanks for that.

    +1ed :D
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