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  1. With ExtJS 3 it was easy to create an Ext.FormPanel that uses browser stored field values like login names and passwords and prepopulates the form fields on page load. You just created a form in HTML...
  2. Any new info on this issue? Any workarount? This is a very annoying bug...
  3. Solved.

    I simply put all the variables, functions and stuff into a render listener. Works fine. Thanks a lot!
  4. Thanks for your quick response, Condor.
    added this.

    I had issues with "anchor: '100%'" in tabpanel not working as expected if I didn't include the additional panel. With the panel ist works...
  5. I need to load tabbed forms into a popup dialog window. The loaded content should independently build itself into the popup window. Content can be components, variables, functions, handlers, etc. ...
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