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  1. Is this bug fixed cause i'm experiencing this at the moment; when i pick a new value in different slots and hit Done it will fire the change event twice with one short result and one long date...
  2. No the showBy occurs as soon as there is a scan happening. At that time the panel is already wrong aligned, but since the result of that scan comes back so quick it will mess up the position as well...
  3. Let me give you some context:

    I'm creating a app which runs on a terminal Android device which has a build in barcode scanner. When you scan a barcode it has to show this message box with the...
  4. If i use tl bl, after the new view is pushed it looks like this:
    It should have aligned to the button on the right but it doesn't do that as you can see.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately it didn't work. I'm beginning to think it has to do with my titlebar where the button is located and that a new view is being pushed by the navigation view(a...
  6. I did but my knowledge of finding what is wrong with the calculation is 0,0 :(
  7. In my controller i use a NotificationView to show the user information by using the .showBy method on a button. But the alignment of the arrow of this floating panel is always off:


    I call...
  8. I did actually, the records are filled with the data that i need but i can't seem to return these records :(

    Even when i define a var outside of the load functions and set the records on this var...
  9. I have a controller which has a function that loads data from a store according to the provided values which are passed by setting parameters. But for some reason i can't seem to return the records...
  10. Could you show some code how you managed this? What you could do is use the Ext.Each on the list and check if a item has the css class: x-item-selected.

    Or this, maybe that works :-?
  11. Like i said; i don't have much experience with charts(read; none) so i am not sure what goes wrong here. It does seem as if you're missing a resource file.
  12. To make your code that you posted more readable, surround it with

    [CODE][.code]Code goes here.[./code]
    But without the dots.
  13. I don't have that much experience with charts but have you tried adding Ext.chart.CartesianChart to your requires array?
  14. You push views using it's defined xtype, there is no need to set a id or itemId on the view itself.

    The error comes from a component _within_ the view. For instance if you have a textfield that...
  15. I am unsure why but changing the layout in the titlebar to vbox and use spacers to align the buttons seem to did the trick.
    xtype: 'titlebar',docked: 'bottom',
    layout: {
    type: 'vbox',
  16. Very nice, that was indeed a problem you would have if you wanted a dynamic Navigation View. Luckily for me i use a titlebar at the bottom in my navigation view :)

    A problem i encounter now is...
  17. You get that warning if there are components in your pushed view that have a id defined. To solve this you should use itemId.
  18. I think you would want to look at this thread then: you would have to extend the Select component and...
  19. See how i made it more readable?

    Anyway; So basically you want the listpanel that is shown when you click on the selectfield, to be some other component(like something you've created?)
  20. You're going to have to give a little more information than that if you want people to help you....
  21. What does your code look like? The part where you push the different views.
  22. A downfall i noticed is that when the NavigationView is first initialized, you would want the navigatioBarButtons from the first view that becomes active in the titlebar, but the push event doesn't...
  23. Yeah the selecting seems off. But when i use the Picker instead everything works fine on desktop and mobile.

    So for some reason the List doesn't work.
  24. I have a selectfield that loads in his options using a store. These are loaded in as soon as a checkbox is checked and the selectfield becomes visible. The JSON data that is returned from that store...
  25. For some reason i can't get this to work. I always get the following error whenever i push the view that has a form where i want a textfield to have a button.

    Uncaught TypeError: Object [object...
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