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  1. I hope it's easily reproduceable. I really like this extension, since i believe it is exactly what I need for the applcation that I am currently working on--it will really simplify the user...
  2. This works only if the datepicker has been shown first (ie, the icon next to the date field has been clicked by the user). Even in this case, however, dates prior to the new minDate value are still...
  3. How can I update the minDate and maxDate attributes for a DateFieldPlus component, based on an event in a ComboBox, for example?

    To illustrate, I have the following in a FieldSet:

    items = [new...
  4. Thanks again for your help, the following allows me to retrieve the changed year (or month) value:

  5. It worked indeed, thanks :)

    Now, is there a way to get the new value(s) for the month and year, as a result of the occurence of a year or a month-associated event? (for example, afteryearchange...
  6. Will do, thanks for the tip :)
  7. Hi:
    Your extension is exactly what I need for a project. Thanks for your work!!

    I am running into some troubles when using the following listeners:

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