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  1. you are sucking up to animal - it won't work:))
  2. I got it to the point where it selects the correct row but if the row is not in view, it won't scroll to it. However, I can scroll down and see that it is selected (highlighted). How can I force it...
  3. Thanks Scott, that's exactly what I was looking for!
  4. I need a feature similar to autocomplete where, when I type text in a textfield, the grid automatically scrolls to that row in the grid. So as I type a word, with each new character, it scrolls to...
  5. Where does this code go in the source?
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    All of the examples I am seeing shows how to add a Record to a store, but how does one add a row to a simple store where both the index and the value are given and not using ids and data types?
  7. Hi Condor,
    I tried using the code you suggested but I keep getting an extjs error "can't get child size" - what does this mean? Do you have a runnable code example somewhere that shows how to use...
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    Thanks, I've never used these, I'll check it out.
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    It appears to be the datastore. It is loading very slow and generating the busy messages. Is there any way to speed up loading the datastore?
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    Actually I'm using Firefox 13. It starts happening at about 200 records and gets worse as the number climbs. I haven't tried Chrome because my users will only use Firefox but I will try 3.4 and see...
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    We are still using 3.3 and getting "script busy" errors on large json strings when doing encode/decode. Is Version 4 faster and/or is there some way we can speed up 3.3 since we really can't afford...
  12. ah, I see :-?
  13. Instead of providing a helpful response, all you do is redirect this hapless user to a place to buy premium support???!!!
  14. Hi Aaron,
    I'm re-visiting an old problem here. I tried overriding the default text string for a check box selection model and it does put the text in the column header but it doesn't remove the...
  15. Apparently not :((
  16. I have this problem. I create a window and do " and it's fine. I change the size of the window and I do "window.close()" or "window.destroy()" and when I re-create the window and do a...
  17. we gave up for now, too much effort - 3.3.0 is good enough for now
  18. Hi Oscar,
    Thanks for posting your solution! I've been trying to figure that out all day, your solution worked for me!:)
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    interesting, I just tried your example and t works, so then I set mine up the same way, no outer panel, and that worked too - I guess putting them in the panel in another panel messed up the layout ...
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    Here is the code:

    var Radio1 = new Ext.form.Radio({
    name: 'group1',
    fieldLabel: 'Radio 1'

    var RadioPanel = new Ext.form.FormPanel({
    items : [Radio1]
    labelAlign: 'right'
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    When I put the labels on the right it skews the whole field to the right. Is there a way to put the label on the right of a radio button but keep it aligned on the left?
  22. Hi Stephen,
    Thanks for the quick answer - unfortunately this removes the header from all the grids - if I want to remove just one, maybe I should try using the "getHeaderConfig" and changing the...
  23. :((

    I tried following your example and I get an error,

    "Ext.Loader is not a function"

    anyone know why?
  24. I agree, javascript is a nightmare. you need to turn autoscroll on in the tab panel
  25. I have a sticky problem. I use non-scrolling banners (top & bottom). Works great in Internet Explorer. In Firefox, I lose color in tables and some panels don't display at all. Does anybody have a...
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