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  1. Is there any way I can have a exclude build without the any app?

    Previously in extjs we can build theme use
    @include extjs-boundlist;
    @include extjs-button;
    @include extjs-btn-group;
  2. anyone could help?
  3. I see in the theming document that there is an inclusion flag could be set in order to exlclude some components.

    I set the /sass/var/component.scss with $include-ext-menu-colorpicker: false;
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    Yes. compile from the app does help. Thank you very much

    Is there any one know how to make the app/packages/my-theme/build 's version work?
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    Can you explain more on how to fix it?

    I have the same issue. in IE, there is no frame on the button when I add custom ui in .scss file.
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