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    So here are more details. This app works in my browser (Chrome on Mac). Then I package it for Android using the following steps:

    sencha app build native
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    I have an app that works great in the browser using St 2.3.1 and the localstorage proxy. When I do sencha app build native it compiles fine, I install it, run it, and it behaves differently than in...
  3. FMoseley, thanks for the reply. However, I get the same error (with far fewer lines of trace and warnings, but the net result is the same).DT:SFApp davidt$ sencha app build nativeSencha Cmd...
  4. Hello all,

    I have a Sencha Touch (2.3.0) app I'm developing. It works great in Chrome on my desktop, but when I try to run "sencha app build native" I get the following build error listed below. ...
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    When I saw this service I was psyched. I am just starting mobile app development, and I've been fighting to get phonegap + JQM + Couchbase working and I just couldn't get it to work right. ...
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