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  1. So it turns out that I had the itemSelector config in the view set to div which was causing the itemTpl to throw an error when there was a div in there. I just set the itemSelector config to empty...
  2. You are right. Whenever I use a div tag in the itemTpl there is an error that of "Cannot read property 'internalId' of undefined." I am looking into why this error only happens when I use a div
  3. I am using a data view to display inbox message threads in my applications internal messaging system. I am trying use an itemTpl to make it so sent messages display in a different color box from...
  4. Thanks for your response.I am already able to initially load all the panels as collapsed, I just had to set the configuration in each panel, so that wasn't a problem.What are the chances of you guys...
  5. I'm using Ext JS 4.2.

    I'm using the accordion layout on the app I'm building for a FAQ/help section where the question will appear in the title and the solution or answer will appear in the panel...
  6. Thanks for the quick response.

    I moved the creation of the CookieProvider to the application constructor instead of the application onLaunch and now the state is being restored as it should be.
  7. I created a sample project in Architect that reproduces my issue:
  8. I'm using stateId for the grid and all the columns. The closest thread that would posted to my problem is the second one ( but none of the solutions...
  9. I actually figured out a solution to the issue. I had to specifically assign a value to the x config and y config. For some reason not having that specified caused the window to go off screen in...
  10. Error reproduced with:
    Ext JS Version: 4.2
    Browser: Firefox
    OS: Mac OSX and Windows XP (hasn't been tried on any other OS)

    I'm using an Ext.window.Window to display some information. It opens...
  11. Using Ext JS 4.2 I am trying to make it so the state of the grid panel is saved from session to session. For example I want to be able to change the width of a column, refresh the page, and then...
  12. My grid seems to be storing the state fine, but the event to restore the object to its last state is not being fired.
  13. It looks like sortType can only sort a list on the model level. Is there a way to define a sort on the grid column?
  14. I'm using Ext JS 4.2 and I need to be able to set a custom sort for a grid column. I know I can use the sortType function on the model level, but the values have to be sorted from the grid column...
  15. Awesome! This worked!

    Thanks for responding so quickly!
  16. I'm having a problem where Architect is stuck. Architect is not actually in full screen mode, but it thinks it is. Because of this I cannot change the size of the window or move the window around the...
  17. Edit: I found a solution for architect 3, this might help for architect 2 also:

    I'm having the same problem....
  18. I'm using Architect and I can't seem to modify my config to get the properties without doing an override. Is there no way to do this without an override?
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    Here's the error I get:

    [INF] executing compass using system installed ruby runtime
    error ShieldsExpressLink-all.scss (Line 3 of...
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    The theming did show up correctly in Architect.

    I did not use the preview button before viewing it in the browser, but I did a full build and that did not work.

    I originally was having this...
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    Architect Version:
    OS: Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)

    Since updating to Mavericks, and then updating to the latest Architect version yesterday I have been having issues where I can not see...
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